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Almost half way surprises and disappointments

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  • Almost half way surprises and disappointments

    We are approaching half way point of the NFL season. Here are a few of my surprises and disappointments:

    Minnesota - playing like a playoff team
    Todd Gurley - running like a beast!
    Jets - quietly playing well with a Harvard QB
    Broncos - Undefeated, yet playing bad enough to be 2-4
    Andy Dalton - Can he do it in the playoffs?

    Buffalo - looks like another 7-9 season is approaching
    Ravens - How many close games can you lose?
    Andrew Luck - something is still not right with his mechanics
    Eagles - How many 3 and outs can an offense have!
    DeMarco Murray - run down hill ... not to the left and right!

    What are your observations?
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    Favorite football players include: Peyton Manning, John Elway, Daunte Culpepper, Mike Alstott, Blake Bortles, and Dri Archer
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    Jets-Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing awesome.
    Bengals-didn't expect them to be undefeated still. Glad for Dalton though
    Redskins(i thought they'd be 0-fer
    Bears-same as Wash.
    Patriots-they're wrecking everybody. Note to self...Don't piss off Brady

    Dallas-Romo getting hurt killed us
    Joseph Randle-i thought he was going to blow up
    Sam Bradford
    Alfred Morris-IDK what the hell happened

    Looking for mainly Cowboys, Andy Dalton