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    Mafia II is often described as an "old timey" GTA. Well, let me shoot down that theory right now. Yes, Mafia II lets you free roam a large city, steal cars, and randomly shoot civilians, however, the city in Mafia II offers nothing for you to do in your free time...oh wait, you don't have any free time. The only time you roam is driving from the person who debriefs you on your mission, to your mission. That being said, Mafia II is still one of the best games I have ever played.

    The fact that this game doesn't offer as much freedom as GTA is actually a positive thing in my opinion. I was always focused on the story plot and my next mission, which made the story very enjoyable for me. This game feels like a classic mobster movie. The game really gives you a feel for the life of a mobster.

    The gameplay in Mafia II is all about gunplay and driving, and both aspects are polished, and a blast. The weapons and cars at your disposal are awesome, and give you a feel for the time period. The game uses a cover system, similar to the one that most third person shooters are using nowadays.

    Mafia II's graphics are superb. Facial animations are done well, and the city looks amazing.

    The verdict: buy this game! My only problem with it is the fact that it is very short. I beat it in about 4 days, and I don't play PS3 for hours upon hours.

    Above is a link to Amazon that will allow you to quickly buy this game for a great, low price.

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    I got this game for Christmas and just beat it today! Great game!
    Here is who/what I collect:

    Basketball:Carmelo Anthony & Jared Dudley And ANY CURRENT CELTICS!
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      I really like this game and the only down side to me is that you don't get much roaming time. I would like to explore the map and do my own thing but it seems I always have to be going somewhere for the missions