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Why aren't there more card shows?

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  • Why aren't there more card shows?

    C'mon... join me: More card shows! More card shows! More card shows!

    I was amazed at how many people were at the show. Sure... a lot of people were autograph seekers... but every time I walked up to a table there was at least a small crowd of collectors. There were a few tables that I didn't even get to, because each time I tried... it was packed.

    It was fairly small... maybe 100 tables (50 vendors)? But it reminded me of the old days... when these shows occurred on a monthly basis. I spent three hours there on Friday night... and added a couple of more on Saturday morning.

    Although I didn't see anyone from the forums or YouTube... I did run into an old buddy who I collected with years ago. Anyways... onto the booty!

    Purchase #1: Refractor Lot $4

    2010 Topps Chrome "Refractor" #32 Albert Pujols
    2010 Topps Chrome "Refractor" #38 Ichiro Suzuki
    2010 Topps Chrome "Refractor" #165 Derek Jeter
    2009 Bowman Chrome "Refractor" #140 Jeremy Maclin RC

    I found these at the first dealer I walked up to. He had a $1 bin... so I sifted through it and found these. $1 refractors are pretty expensive these days... but I can't help it... I love refractors! Just wait until you see one of my other purchases... I picked up about 50 more later in the evening.

    Purchase #2: Jersey Lot $10

    2007/08 Bowman "Relics" #DN Dirk Nowitzki
    2008/09 Hot Prospects "Hot Materials" #HMDN Dirk Nowitzki
    2005/06 SPx " Winning Materials" #KG Kevin Garnett
    2003/04 Fleer Avant "Stars & Stripes Jerseys" #SSA/TD Tim Duncan (085/100)

    I found these cards in a seller's bargain bin. He was selling them for $4 a piece... 2 for $7... 3 for $9... or 4 for $10. I'm all about deals... so I found four cards. The only card that I really wanted is the Tim Duncan USA jersey card. I'm a huge fan of Team USA basketball and this card is going straight into my collection. The other three will eventually be placed into my trade bait.

    Purchase #3: Rookie Lot $2

    1985 Huntsville Stars Jennings #44 Jose Canseco
    2003/04 Sweet Shot #124 Yuta Tabuse RC

    I was stoked to find this Canseco minor league card for a buck. Twenty years ago... I couldn't afford this little gem... it's funny how things change. The Yuta Tabuse rookie will also go straight into my PC. Tabuse is the only Japanese player to be drafted by an NBA team. Obviously, he never did anything... but he's still a pretty cool conversation piece.

    Purchase #4: 250+ Insert, Refractor, & Rookie Card Lot $13

    I spent over two hours sifting through 5,000ct. boxes on Friday and Saturday... building this sweet lot. It was like a blast from the past... since this is what I used to do at card shows over 20 years ago.

    The guy was selling singles for $.05 a card... yep that's right... 20 cards for a buck. Sure he had tons of commons... but he also had a ton of 90's inserts, some newer refractors, and a variety of rookies. He also was selling a bunch of cards in top loaders at the same price... so that was a sweet little bonus.

    Here are a couple of the nicer finds:

    1995 Select "Big Sticks" #BS5 Don Mattingly

    1995 Collector's Edge "Time Warp Black Label 22K Gold"
    #3 Ray Nitschke/Natrone Means

    And just a few of the other cards I picked up in the lot...

    Purchase #5: 1991 Action Packed Rookie Set $10

    I overpaid for this set... but I bought it from the guy who sold me the singles for 5 cents each... so I figured he hooked me up... I should hook him up. I've always wanted this factory set... because it has the Brett Favre rookie.

    Purchase #6: 1977 Topps #177 Steve Largent RC $20

    The card was originally graded PSA 8... but I popped it out of its case because it was chipped and scratched. This is by far, my favorite card show purchase. It's the first time I've owned a Largent rookie... and it finally finishes off my Steve Largent Trifecta (I'll try to post it this week).

    Sunday's question of the day...

    When was the last time you went to card show?

    How often are card shows offered in your area?

    Living in the Bay Area... it kinda sucks... there aren't many big card shows. There's a couple of major ones... the GT Sports Marketing and the annual Tri Star shows... along with a few mall shows every now and then. I just wish we could go back to the early 90's... when there were several shows each month.

    Well... enough whining... it's time to get ready for the big game.

    Go Pack Go!

    Collecting autographs, game-used cards, & certain inserts/parallels of the following players/teams: Tony Gwynn/Padres, Kurt Suzuki/A's, Greg Maddux, Brett Favre/Packers, Steve Largent/Seahawks, Kobe Bryant/Lakers, & Devin Setoguchi/Sharks.

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    I think its because most collectors now use online trading and EBAY for all their card needs. I myself dont have anymore local card shops near my place anymore, they all closed down. I am lucky enough to be close to a card convention that runs twice a week. I do miss the old days of having various card stores every five miles near where I live.


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      Theres a few shows around where I live..but most the regular dealers mention how much bigger and better the shows use to be, I assume its become how big trading forums/ebay have become
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        In alaska there were 2 card shops I could choose from, and a monthly show consisting of about 8-10 tables (and I thought that was big already lol)

        i've seen NOTHING since I moved to Virginia lol.
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          I notice alot of vendors/dealers are still trying to get full book on cards. That really kills the shows, plus the fact that you have to pay to enter want to sell me something, but you want me to pay to see it?
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