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3 More Early Birthday Packages In

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  • 3 More Early Birthday Packages In

    With my birthday just a couple weeks out I've been receiving a few packages in. This week brought in 3 packages. Thanks Kerwin, Kevin, and Randy!

    First, I received these 3 cards from Kerwin. I didn't have any of the 3 and they are all awesome!

    Then I opened up the package from Randy. There were all kinds of sweet cards in there. These were my favorite from the bunch.....

    And then I received a large box from Kevalan. He's been on the mission to find me some white chocolate cocoa for a very long time now. Well it appears he found me something very comparable and I can't wait to try it out! He also sent me some other very cool goodies as well.....

    Thanks alot guys!!!

    Ken Griffey Jr.

    Raiders and Dolphins from 2012-2020
    A's and Reds from 2012-2020

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    Just enjoy your b'day buddy......!!!!
    United States Air Force, Retired

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    From the time of discovery and for the
    balance of life, an individual diagnosed
    with cancer IS a Survivor!

    Thank You GOD...I am a Survivor!


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      awesome awesome bro

      brad and i are 1 day apart sio we look out for each other, now finally him/cheeze whiz can be a's twins w ea of them having thier own a's sga jersey!!

      i just hope you enjoy the chai, bro!

      dont look the tiny jr sw metal figure in the was just loose in there!!

      enjoy bro

      uncle tiny..


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        Very nice glad you liked them.