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Bane & Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises

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  • Bane & Catwoman In The Dark Knight Rises

    So Bane is going to be a character in the new Batman movie. I have to say, I'm a excited about this. If you remember, Bane is the guy who broke Batman's back during the Knightfall storyline in the '90s. It was one of the early "event" stories that crossed multiple titles and was a huge deal when I was a young nerd. Now that I'm an old nerd, I think it's about time for a proper role for Bane in a movie. Yes, I know he was in Batman and Robin, but they totally destroyed that character by making his some mindless musclehead who if I remember, couldn't even talk. Just grunts. I might be wrong about that. He's a better character than that and he deserves to have a well written role.

    Christopher Nolan seems to be able to find gold, so I have to assume that this is going to be nothing short of awesome. Oh, and if that's not reason enough to go see the movie, here's Catwoman:



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    Im surprised that Nolan went with Bane since everyone thought it would be Riddler. I have faith this will be a fantastic movie, but nowhere near as great as the Dark Knight was. Talia al Ghul is still rumored to be in the movie.