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What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

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  • What Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

    What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial you saw last night? It was cool seeing the movie trailers for Transformers 3, Thor, and Captain America. I liked the Eminem Brisk Ice Tea commercial and the kid dressing up as Darth Vader was sort of funny.

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    The one I liked best was the one that resembled MIDEVAL (middle ages) history(fairy tales), when one group of barbarians was attacking a castle/fortress and their main weapon was a huge fire breathing dragon. However, once the dragon took the bait and swallowed a COKE it could only blow out streamers and confetti. My 2nd choice would be the "little darth vader".

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      The wife throwing the Pepsi can at the husband sitting on the bench...him ducking.. and hitting the lady next to him, that he had just been eyeing.
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