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Military Pay and the new tax break - RANT

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  • Military Pay and the new tax break - RANT

    Just got my Military Retired Pay Statement that shows my OLD pay vs the NEW pay that takes effect on March 1st, 2011.

    Old and New pay are the same...NO PAY RAISE FOR THE MILITARY.

    Federal Income Tax Withholding: OLD: $63.05 NEW: $95.25


    No increase in the retirement pay, but the FITW increased by $32.20!!!!!!

    I am a proud american who served his country for 20 years (okay..getting off the soap box), but OUCH! 'nuff said!

    United States Air Force, Retired

    Freedom Is Not Free

    From the time of discovery and for the
    balance of life, an individual diagnosed
    with cancer IS a Survivor!

    Thank You GOD...I am a Survivor!

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    Gee.. you act suprised. The uninspiring pay for a skilled work force was the reason they lost me in 1993. What I did for 1200/mo back then, I now make 80K for essentially the same job. I was forced to live on the ship back then too, the population density on the USS Arkansas was higher than New York City. I hear now that all ship board personnel are offered barracks or BEQ/VHA to live off base.