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A very important announcement...

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  • A very important announcement...

    This is something very near and dear to me..

    Happy Veterans day to all of our current and former servicemen.

    I know there are several on the boards who are on active duty and I wish to thank them for their servitude. Also, to those that are former members of our armed forces, thank you.

    I am a former member of the United States Navy. I am a veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. I served with some of the finest men I have ever known. I am proud to say that several are a big part of my life today.

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    To those who serve/served our wonderful country, my deepest thanks and appreciation for all you've done! I salute you....

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      A BIG THANKS to everyone who has served for our country. I salute you!


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        Thanks to all veterans and active duty military. I can't express how I feel for all that you have done and are doing. God bless you all.


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          Thank you!

          Words cannot express the gratitude I have for all of you that served our country faithfully. Your efforts are appreciated, and this day is to remember you and your service. Thank you and God bless America.


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            As a veteran of the Gulf War I hope and pray all those serving in harms way returns home safe and sound. God bless you and your families....

            Also sending out a prayer for those that have fallen may you never be forgotten

            God Bless America
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              A very big thank you to all veterans and all who have served our country! They deserve it!


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                A HUGE Thanks to all vets, not only today but everyday.
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                  You have my thanks for your service,words cannot express our sincere thanks,again thank you all

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