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Another eBay complaint from a buyer

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  • Another eBay complaint from a buyer

    Have a potential buyer (who will more than likely be blocked from future bidding), who complained to eBay that I was charging $4.00 for shipping on my cards. He has DEMANDED (yes, demanded!) that I only charge him for 1st class mail.

    Let's see....bubble mailer, snap-tite, postage, DC, and if the card is over a certain amount (usually more than $25.00) I will use Insurance. And gas is once again pushing $4.00 per gallon. The local Post Office is 10 miles away.

    I have answered that the guy does NOT have to bid on the item. That should be enough of an answer.

    ...and you just know that if I only use 1st class mail, NO DC, NO Insurance, this guy will claim he did not receive the card and will get his paypal back.

    Just venting.
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    he didnt complain BEFORE he bought it did he? lol