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I love the 80's #7: Transformers

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  • I love the 80's #7: Transformers

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon hit theaters earlier this week and was the hot topic in my class the past two days. I think I've been asked at least five times... maybe ten... Did you go see Transformers 3 yet?

    My reply was always the same... No. I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

    Now before you get the wrong idea... it's not that I'm a hater of the new movies. I actually think they're decent. I'm just waiting for the DVD, because I'm getting old. I went to see the first two in the theaters and both times I was overwhelmed by the action and how fast things move on the screen. My brain just couldn't keep up and I felt drained when I left... lol... I totally sound like my dad.

    Well... after seeing the trailer, I knew I'd be sitting this one out. When it comes out on DVD, I'll borrow one of my student's copies and watch it. That way... I can rewind it, pause it, or slow it down, so I can appreciate it fully. I know I'll miss the big screen experience... but the fact is... I'd actually miss a lot more if I watched it in the theaters.

    So while the rest of America... or should I say the World heads over to the theaters to check out the latest Transformers installment... I'll sit down and watch this:

    Transformers: The Movie on VHS

    Yep... give me the old school cartoon version any day of the week. When it comes to the robots in disguise, I'm old school. I grew up in the 80's and can appreciate Megatron transforming into a gun instead of a jet, flying tank, or whatever he is in the third movie.

    Not only that... I collected the toys too. Everything from Starscream to Sideswipe, and of course the Constructicons, which formed Devastator.

    Hasbro Generation One (1984): Starscream

    Alas... my collection is long gone... and these days... they're way too expensive for me to even think about reliving my childhood. Have you seen the prices of vintage Transformers? Just yesterday, a 1984 MIB Grimlock sold on eBay for just under $700. At these prices... I'll have to stick to my memories, which is easy for me to do... now that I've acquired the first season on DVD.

    Transformers: Season One on DVD

    I haven't watched all of the episodes yet... but it'll give me and my nephew something to do the next time we hang out.

    So here is today's question of the day:

    Were you a fan of the original Transformer cartoons in the 80's? If so... who was your favorite Transformer?

    If not... what's your favorite television show (not necessarily a cartoon) from the 80's?

    And if by chance you didn't have the opportunity to experience the 80's... what's your favorite television show from any decade?

    By the way... I'm adding another prize to the contest. It's a brand new, sealed copy of the Transformers PS2 video game. I'm not sure how I acquired them... but I found two of these games laying in a box in my garage.

    Any chance someone out there has played the game before? I'm curious if it's worth opening up and playing on my PS3. Otherwise, I'll keep my personal copy sealed and add it to my nephew's video game collection.

    That's it... I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July weekend. Sayonara!

    Collecting autographs, game-used cards, & certain inserts/parallels of the following players/teams: Tony Gwynn/Padres, Kurt Suzuki/A's, Greg Maddux, Brett Favre/Packers, Steve Largent/Seahawks, Kobe Bryant/Lakers, & Devin Setoguchi/Sharks.

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    My all time favorite thing in the world when I was younger. I have all the Generation 1 cartoons on DVD. The Japanese only Transformers Headmasters series is coming out on DVD in the U.S. next Tuesday. I have a lot of the Generation toys too. No other Transformers cartoon version can compare to the original.