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Everyone take a knee today and remember - CCW 9-11 thread

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  • Everyone take a knee today and remember - CCW 9-11 thread

    I never been to ground zero, but I joined the Marine Corps believing I would make a difference.

    I'm Proud to be American.

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    I remember where I was. My mother woke me up after the first plane hit. I rushed to my friends house and woke him up, and we all watch the 2nd plane hit....

    Ill never forget that morning.. Happened so fast..


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        I had the TV on and was getting ready to take the dog out,needless to say he went out very late that day.

        I still get tears in my eyes whenever I see a video or pics of that sad day on Sept 11 2001

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          I was actually working that day at Robinsons-May when I heard the news. There were sirens heard around the mall and a voice announcement that said the mall was going to close early and right now. It was scary because no one knew at that second what was going on but everyone soon closed up their registers and went to the emergency exit. There were no televisions in the department store. Mall security then went to all the stores and made sure everyone was leaving.

          I got home and saw the news on television. I couldnt believe what I saw and heard.

          I just want to thank all the soldiers who serve our great country.


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                Ok I'm done for the night.. This stuff is powerful.. I now feel the same way that I felt when I first saw the footage.. I feel like I got kicked in the stomach.. RIP all.....


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                  I think everyone over the age of eight, at the time of the 9/11/01 events, will REMEMBER where they were,and what they were doing when it happened. It is one of three days in U. S. History that "will live in infamy" - July 4,1776 - Dec. 7,1941 - and 9/11/01. Hopefully there will be no more such days(events) that take so many lives or gets us (the U. S.) into things that WILL take an excessive amount of lives.

                  We had a really great speaker in church this morning. His name was Larry, and he was in charge of a RESCUE BATTALION from Fairfax,Va fire department who were called and helped at the Pentagon. He, and his crew, was there from about 9:45 am until 7 pm. He gave a great sermon about what he experienced, and how God helped him. He also had really moving slides along with the message.

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                    I was 7 at the time and I remember it perfectly.

                    God Bless America.
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                      I was lying in bed at my 1st apartment when my mom called me. She said a plane had hit one of the towers, as we were on the phone the second plane hit... then the pentagon... then the building came down etc etc... it was just unreal... still is really...

                      That night I was supposed to go to the Astros Game... they were to play the Giants, and Barry Bonds was going for Home Run #70.... I went to the make up game weeks later... but still kept my ticket stub.... I will never forget it....

                      Today is no different to me than the 1st Anniversary, the 2nd... the 5th or the 7th, it's still a horrible memory and to me it will never be a celebration .... it will always be sad sad day...... remember guys... Yellow Ribbons, and Flags and Memorial Services Don't Heal Wounds.... do something, and if you are doing something, do more... this country, my life and that of all Americans changed that day... the weeks following were sadly better than any days we have had since as a country. There were no politics, there were no Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party or Independents... there were AMERICANS.... PROUD, STRONG and SUPPORTIVE AMERICANS..... it's just sad that it takes a tragedy for all of us to show just how together, and strong, supportive and amazing we can be.


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                        I was actually in transit from hawaii to san diego on the USS Constellation CV-64 when the terrorist struck our towers.. We were coming back from a 7 month deployment in the Arabian Gulf when I heard the news.. Worst day I ever experienced..
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