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How to make a revolving sig with different pics

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  • How to make a revolving sig with different pics

    Since a few people have asked me how to make one, I figured I'd make a step by step guide on how to make one.

    This will seem like a lot, but it's actually quite simple.


    1. Upload the pics you want to use to photobucket, if you haven't already.

    2. Go to Cut and Paste Scripts and sign up.

    3. Click on the "random images" link.

    4. Click on the "add a new random image" link.

    5. Delete the text that shows up.

    6. Copy and paste the "direct link" of the images from your photobucket into the area where you just deleted the text from and then click create.

    7. To make sure you added all of the images that you wanted, click "view my random images".

    8. Click "find the code I need for my random images".

    9. Copy the highlighted part below.

    10. Paste the code you just copied into your signature here. Go there by clicking "user control panel" ---> profile ---> edit signature. Since this is just like any other image, you'll need to put the IMG tags around the code.

    ^^^ Sig Revolves w/Every Refresh or Post^^^

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    This is some great information for all members. Thanks for posting this Howard!


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      Thanks for the info.
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