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Restaurant Unveils 100% Ground Bacon Burger

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  • Restaurant Unveils 100% Ground Bacon Burger

    Restaurant unveils 100 percent ground bacon burger | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    OMG that looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. LOL!

    California burger chain Slater's 50/50 may be bringing home the bacon, now that its menu features a burger made of 100 percent ground bacon. Not to gild the lily, but the Fourth of July-inspired The 'Merica burger comes topped with a slice of thick-cut bacon, bacon island dressing, and bacon flavored cheddar cheese. It's only nonbacon topping is an impressive sunny-side-up egg.

    Foodbeast notes that Slater's 50/50 has already made a name for itself by offering its flagship burger made of half ground beef and half ground bacon. Sadly, the three Slater's stores will only be offering the all-bacon burger through the end of July.

    The month-long feature comes on the heels of previous burgers-of-the-month, including a Pulled Pork Burger and a Chili Cheese Frito Burger.

    And if the bacon burger isn't enough for you, Slater's offers several other bacon-themed novelties, including a bacon brownie and the Bakon Mary, a twist on the Bloody Mary cocktail featuring bacon-infused vodka, a rim of bacon salt and a slice of thick-cut bacon as garnish.