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Beverly Hills Cop TV Series On CBS

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  • Beverly Hills Cop TV Series On CBS

    CBS Wins Rights to Beverly Hills Cop TV Series - IGN

    I dont see this going well. I loved the first 2 Beverly Hills Cop movies, but hated the third one. There were plans to make a 4th movie with all the main cast from the original movie returning. Im guessing the are going to do the TV series now instead.

    Axel Foley has found a home at CBS. Vulture reports that the network has won the rights to the new Beverly Hills Cop TV series, which is being produced by Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, Last Resort). CBS has given a pilot production commitment to the potential series.

    Vulture has a bit more detail on the project, saying it centers on the lead character, Aaron Foley, as he works “to "take down the criminal elements of the rich and famous, while simultaneously trying to escape the shadow of his larger than life father."

    Yes, his dad is of course Axel Foley and Murphy is expected to reprise his iconic role on a recurring status. The big step of course will be casting Aaron Foley.

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    Its gotta be better than whatever else Murphy had on his plate. He hasn't had a good role in awhile


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      I think the last good thing Murphy did was Beverly Hills Cop 2. LOL!


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        I will check it out if it makes it to T.V.
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          Be more interesting if it was "The Beverly Hillbillies Cops"!