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The 10 best resurrections in comic book history

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  • The 10 best resurrections in comic book history

    If you've kept up in the past, say, 50 years, it's obvious: The death/resurrection cycle has become as much of a staple of mainstream superhero comics as capes and tights.

    Publishers used to shy away from that fact, but now seem to be proud of its place in comic book history, and aware of the audience's expectations at this point. When Thor died at the end of Fear Itself, pretty much no one at Marvel claimed that it would last very long, and made clear that the important thing was the story and what came after, not whether or not the "death" would last.

    A high-profile return recently happened in the final issues of Brian Michael Bendis's eight-year Avengers run -- turns out Wasp didn't die at the end of Secret Invasion, as readers and her fellow Marvel superheroes presumed, and was in fact alive and (mostly) well in the Microverse.

    So with that in mind, and a 2014 movie -- Captain America: The Winter Soldier -- seemingly based on such a story, we've compiled a list of 10 of our favorite comic book resurrections. They're on this list either because of the improbability of coming back from a particular death, what the character added to the mythos after returning, or just because it was a good story.
    The 10 Best RESURRECTIONS in Comic Book History |
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