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[Ebay] Another ridiculous new rule

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  • [Ebay] Another ridiculous new rule

    Quote from the new requirement....

    "It's important that you update these listings and any others that don't meet the requirements right away. If listings aren't revised before July 1, 2013, they may be subject to removal and can't be relisted.

    Picture Requirements:
    -- Every listing must have at least one photo.
    -- Stock photos can only be used for brand new items—not used items.
    -- Don't use borders on your photos.
    -- Pictures must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side.
    -- Watermarks are allowed for ownership and attribution, but not marketing."

    at least 1 pic....OK
    Stock photo rules.....seems fair...
    No borders.....what does it mean......
    Pic size at least 500 px........Sport cards (or smaller items) seller might find this one as example, I scan my cards 72dpi, 300px x 420px, didn't meet the requirement but it is already 125% of the actual card size......did the one who set the rules know what the sellers are sellling????? Now I have to re-scan every card I have......
    Watermarks are allowed for ownership and attribution, but not marketing......allowed for ownership but not marketing...HOW????? eg. I put a watermark on the card, yes the card is owned by yet is a card selling tell me how to execute this rule?????!!! ( is a fictional site)

    sorry for the rant AGAIN....but ebay just become worst and worst..........

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    I also collects Football, Baseball and movies cards
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    FYI, I live in Hong Kong!

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    EBAY sucks now.


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      I think ebay has always sucked. If the rules dont get ya, all the fees certainly will. I'm glad there's a more stream-lined and fair alternative....