21 Awesome McDonald's Dishes That You Can't Get in America - Yahoo Finance

With more than 69 million mouths to feed every day in 119 countries, McDonald's has a massive range of taste buds to please. That means the fast food retailer has had to get pretty creative with its offerings, especially in foreign markets, which accounted for 68% of the company's $27.6 billion in revenue last year.

From Samurai burgers to seaweed-flavored fries and deep-fried bites of brie cheese, McDonald's has tried just about everything to cater to local tastes overseas.

1. McDonald's Ebi Burger

Where: Japan, Singapore and other Asian markets

What it is: This sandwich features whole shrimp embedded in a crispy patty and topped with lettuce and spicy sauce. It's served on a Big Mac roll. In Japan, it's called the Ebi Filet-O.

2. McDonald's Shaka Shaka Chicken

Where: Singapore

What it is: Shaka Shaka Chicken consists of a deep fried chicken patty that's served in a paper sleeve with a packet of spices for pouring on top of it.

3. McDonald's Crock Brie

Where: Italy

What it is: These deep-fried triangles of oozing brie cheese are only available in Italy.

4. McDonald's Bacon Rolls

Where: U.K.

What it is: McDonald's has branded its Bacon Roll the "breakfast of choice for all bacon lovers." The bacon is sourced from British farms and served on a roll with either ketchup or brown sauce.

5. McDonald's Black and White Hamburger Combo

Where: China

What it is: The black burger, which is topped with white sesame seeds, has a black pepper sauce with chopped onions, according to Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku. The white burger is topped with black sesame seeds and has a spicy sauce.

The burgers were available for a limited time last year and now they are back again.

6. McDonald's Taro Pie

Where: Japan and other Asian markets

What it is: Chunks of taro root covered in a sweet, bright purple sauce inside a flaky pie crust. Taro root resembles potatoes in consistency but has a stronger flavor. Taylor Tamblin compared the taste of the treat to a mild sweet potato in his blog, Man Reviews Food.

7. McDonald's McArabia

Where: Arab countries and Pakistan

What it is: Two grilled chicken patties with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and garlic sauce inside a pita.

8. McDonald's Seaweed Shaker Fries
Where: Asian markets

What it is: McDonald's serves its classic fries with a packet of seaweed flavoring for this dish.

9. McDonald's Matcha McFlurry

Where: Singapore, Japan

What it is: This twist on the McFlurry contains green tea powder, giving it the green coloring, with a heap of crushed Oreo bits.

10. Snack al Parmigiano

Where: Italy

What it is: Instead of a side of fries, at McDonald's in Italy you can get an individually wrapped bar of Parmesan cheese.

11. McDonald's Cheese Katsu Burger

Where: Japan

What's it is: The Cheese Katsu burger contains melted cheese inside fried pork cutlets with sliced cabbage and sweet and sour sauces. The dish is served on a sesame bun.

12. Bubur Ayam McD

Where: Malaysia

What it is: This breakfast treat consists of porridge, chicken strips, spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chillies. In Singapore, it's called Chicken SingaPorridge.

13. McDonald's Rosti Brekki Wrap

Where: Australia and New Zealand

What it is: The Rosti Brekkie Wrap contains bacon, a fried egg, a slice of cheese and a potato rosti, which is similar to a hash brown. It's served on a flour tortilla with BBQ sauce.

14. McLobster

Where: Canada

What it is: The McLobster sandwich contains 100% Atlantic lobster meat, according to McDonald's, as well as diced celery, light salad dressing and lettuce. The sandwich is served on a soft roll.

15. Bacon potato pie

Where: Japan

What it is: Chunks of potato and bacon served in the same deep-fried shell that McDonald's uses for its apple pies.

16. KiwiBurger

Where: New Zealand

What it is: Despite its name, the KiwiBurger contains no kiwi fruit. It consists of a four-ounce beef patty, griddle egg, beetroot, tomato lettuce, cheese, onions, mustard and ketchup.

17. McAloo Tikki

Where: India

What it is: The McAloo Tikki, originating in India, is a fried potato and pea patty in a bun. The sandwich recently debuted in Singapore and will be available for a limited time there.

18. Samurai Burger

Where: Asian markets

What it is: The Samurai burger comes with either a chicken patty or a beef patty coated in Teriyaki sauce with mayonnaise and lettuce. Popular sides are Seaweed Shaker Fries and Jasmine Green Tea.

19. McSpicy Paneer

Where: India

What it is: The McSpicy Paneer is a fried curd cheese patty topped with tandoori sauce, red cabbage and lettuce served on a sesame roll.

20. McDonald's Gazpacho Soup

Where: Spain

What it is: This classic summer soup is served chilled with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, celery, lemon juice and hot sauce.

21. McDonald's Poutine

Where: Canada

What it is: McDonald's drizzles gravy and cheese curds on its french fries for this traditionally Canadian dish.