Hi guys,

Few days ago few enthusiastic collectors of different nationality and cultural believes decided to create a non profit website where people can show off their collections, box brakes, packs openings,etc.
As a result of this ,we created very handy little website called CardzReview.com

Basically this sites is a sort of a review website, where you can see people braking boxes, reviewing collections, showing off their top cards...

It is very easy to use and navigate on it. You do not have to be registered to watch videos at all. It is 100% integrated with users youtube account ,so if you want to post reviews you just have to apply and send us your channels ID.
Website automatically detects your posts on youtube and auto posts them on site. So you do not have to bother, it can´t be easier then this.

Since website is quite new, all videos on it are for testing purposes only.
We are still trying to find collectors who are already making videos on youtube, or would like to start doing it. Since most of us are from Europe, we do need help with baseball,basketball ,football collections, and many others.

Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more about our project, visit our website Cardz Review | Trading card collections reviewing, box brakes
Any suggestions are more then welcome.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, your youtube account remains totally independent. Nobody can´t access it, since you provide only YouTube ID, nothing else.
And this can also be good opportunity to promote videos from your channel. Every video view on the site counts as a YouTube view.

As I said, its completely non profit, juts for fun website. Everything is completely free.

Thanks in advance for tips or help.
See you around and happy collecting!