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What Jobs Have You Had Before?

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  • What Jobs Have You Had Before?

    I thought it would be interesting to see how many different types of jobs all of us has had in our lifetime?

    When I was younger, I mostly worked retail jobs. I worked at supermarkets, department stores, and a videostore. I was also an office assistant. Today I work at a bank.

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    I've been working at my LCS since i was 13
    Worked 4 months on a dinner train but quit, because i hated my boss
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      UPS for christmas season

      and Legoland for one week
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        Autobody Shop
        U.S Navy
        Correction Officer the last 16 years


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          Egg farm - Feed chicken & collect eggs
          Assembler - office furniture
          Asst. Manager - Gas Station
          Owner - Card Shop
          Quick Oil Change
          Apprentice Electriction
          Security Guard
          Tech. - Fire Alarms
          Tech. - Miss Dig (locate underground Gas, Electric & Phone Lines)
          Now I'm unemployed!!!!!



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            at 13 I worked at an orchard.. picked apples and pumpkins... made applecider

            at 16 I worked at a hardware store
            at 17-18 I worked for a company building custom decks and fences
            at 18 joined the navy as a nuclear power plant operator... was a desert storm vet
            at 24 worked for the same decks and fence company for about a year
            at 25-26.. joined the Carpenters Union
            a year ago.. quit the union and took a job as a geothermal power plant operator.


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              In this order...

              Grocery Clerk
              Cook Bar & Grill
              Valet Parker
              Bell Hop
              Bank Teller
              Finish Carpenters Apprentice
              Estimator for Construction Sites

              Currently Unemployed
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              Ken Griffey Jr.

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                I work at the fair 11 days out of the year

                I work in my parents restraunt during the summer and on Sundays/days off from school

                I have no "ex job" lol


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                  i always worked in restaurants until 12 years ago, save for a weekend giving change in an arcade, them was a regional manager for a freight umloading company

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