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Deadpool 2 - Domestic Box Office Now At $125 Million

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  • Deadpool 2 - Domestic Box Office Now At $125 Million

    Got my ticket for first showing 7pm tomorrow.

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    Deadpool 2 Launches with Over $300 Million Worldwide

    Even though Deadpool 2 didn't deliver a record opening domestically for an R-rated movie it still captured a few record of its own as well as delivered a couple studio records en route to an impressive $301.3 million worldwide debut.

    Early indications were that Deadpool 2 would deliver a record opening for an R-rated film after bringing in a pair of R-rated records with $18.6 million from Thursday previews and a $53.3 million opening day. However, it wasn't able to maintain that momentum, finishing with a still impressive $125 million estimate for the three-day, which is enough to become the second largest R-rated opening ever behind the original's $132.4 million debut two years ago and just ahead of the $123.4 million opening for It last September. The debut is also the second largest Fox opening of all-time, also behind the original Deadpool.

    The film scored a strong "A" CinemaScore and actually skewed just a bit older than the first one which played to an audience of which 53% were 25 years or older vs. 62% for the sequel. Deadpool 2 pretty much matched the first along gender lines, playing to an audience that was 61% male and 39% female.

    Deadpool's success doesn't end there as it debuted in 81 markets internationally and brought in an estimated $176.3 million, a record overseas debut for Fox International, topping the $174 million for X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was aided by $38.3 million in China. The original Deadpool didn't play in China until finally premiering last month at the Beijing International Film Festival, and, at this time, the sequel doesn't have a release date scheduled for the Middle Kingdom. Additional highlights from the film's international roll-out include record breaking openings for Fox in Mexico ($10m), India ($6.29m), Indonesia ($4.7m), Thailand ($3.4m), Vietnam ($2m) and Chile ($1.9m).