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Venom - Domestic Box Office Now At $213 Million

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  • Venom - Domestic Box Office Now At $213 Million

    Venom Delivers October Opening Weekend

    It was a record weekend at the box office for Sony's release of Venom, which delivered a massive $80 million, topping the previous October opening weekend record by more than $20 million.

    With an estimated $80 million, Sony's release of Venom into 4,250 locations not only topped the weekend box office, but it topped the previous October opening weekend record of $55.7 million set by Gravity in 2013 by over $20 million.

    Critic's reviews for Venom were largely negative while the film received a "B+" CinemaScore from opening day audiences, a score that matches the grades for both Suicide Squad and Justice League and is a notch behind the "A-" for Ant-Man and the Wasp. Of the three, Justice League's 56% second weekend drop is the best of the lot while the three carry an average second weekend drop of ~61%, which, in this case, is probably what should be expected with anything better perceived as something of a positive sign as Venom doesn't have any superhero competition in theaters until the releases of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Aquaman in December.

    One interesting note is while Venom's audience was predictably male leaning at 59%, only 36% of the overall audience was 25 years of age or older. Comparatively, 46% of Ant-Man and the Wasp's audience was 25+, 46% of Suicide Squad and 69% of Justice League. In fact, Venom had a younger overall audience than even Spider-Man: Homecoming which played to an audience of which 49% was 25 years of age or older.

    Internationally, Venom delivered $125.2 million from 58 markets for a record October global opening over $205 million. South Korea led all markets with an estimated $15.7 million opening, the second largest opening for Sony in the market behind Spider-Man: Homecoming's $19.1 million. Additional notable markets include Russia ($11.7m), the UK where it topped the opening weekend for Johnny English Strikes Again with an estimated $9.3 million; Mexico ($7.1m); Australia ($6.4m); Germany ($5.2m); and Brazil ($5.2m). Upcoming markets include France next weekend, Japan in early November and a release in China that is yet to be dated.

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    Venom Reign Atop Box Office for Second Weekend in a Row

    It wasn't quite as close as we thought it might be at the top of the box office, but last weekend's top two films definitely didn't disappoint. Sony's Venom held on even better than expected, delivering a second weekend at #1

    With an estimated $35.7 million, Sony's Venom dropped just 55% in its second weekend as the film's domestic cume now totals $143 million after just ten days in release. Heading into the weekend a drop of 60%+ seemed most likely considering historical precedence, but the film continues to outperform expectations, holding on similarly to Logan, which dipped just 56.9% in its second weekend.

    Internationally, Venom remained the #1 film at the global box office delivering an estimated $69.7 million from 54 overseas markets for an international cume now totaling $235.3 million. New markets this weekend include France where the film launched with an estimated $6.7 million. The film's top market is South Korea with $25.4 million and it won't be adding any additional territories until its November 2 release in Japan while a release in China is still yet to be determined.


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      Halloween Slices Up a Monster $77.5 Million Opening

      Sony's Venom falls two spots after topping the weekend chart for the past two weekends with an estimated $18.1 million, pushing its domestic cume over $170 million as it too enters its third week in release. While falling from its #1 perch domestically, the film remained the #1 international release for the third straight week, bringing in an estimated $32.3 million from 65 overseas markets for an international cume totaling $290.7 million and a worldwide total of $461.2 million.


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        Halloween Repeats at #1, Helping October 2018 Reach Record Heights

        Sony's Venom landed in third with an estimated $10.8 million bringing its domestic cume to $187.3 million. The film's global tally has now topped $500 million after adding an additional $17.3 million overseas this weekend for a worldwide cume that now stands at a $508.4 million.


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          Bohemian Rhapsody Rocks the Box Office with $50 Million Debut

          Just outside the top five, it's worth mentioning Venom's strong fifth weekend hold, dropping just 26.3% for an estimated $7.85 million weekend and a domestic cume of $198.6 million as it will cross the $200 million mark later this week. Added to that, the film grosses an estimated $15.6 million internationally this weekend for a global cume that now stands at $541.5 million with a release in China set for next weekend.


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            The Grinch is Smiling with $66 Million Opening; Venom Debuts with $111M in China

            Additionally, Sony's Venom brought in an estimated $4.85 million this weekend for a domestic cume that now stands at $206.2 million. The story for this film, however, is its $111 million opening in China this weekend, the 2nd highest debut ever for a superhero film in the market and Sony's largest debut in China ever. The overall international performance added $118.2 million this weekend for a global cume that now stands at nearly $675 million.