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What Is The Most Disappointing Videogame You Ever Played?

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  • What Is The Most Disappointing Videogame You Ever Played?

    What is the most disappointing videogame(s) you ever played?

    The top 2 that come to mind for me are:

    State of Emergency (PS2) - Considering it was made by Rock Star games right after Grand Theft Auto 3, I thought this game would actually be good. It had a lot of hype and the game was horrible. The manager at Gamestop said ever since the game was released a few days before, they already bought back 50 copies of the game. Since they bought back so many games in the past few days, they were only giving $25 credit for the game. I wasnt about to lose 50 percent of what I paid for it, so I was able to sell it on EBAY for about $40.

    ECW Hardcore Revolution (N64) - WWF Attitude for N64 was one of the best wrestling games out at that time in the late 90s. Since WWF went to THQ, Acclaim made a ECW videogame. I thought at worst, it would be much like WWF Attitude except with ECW wrestlers. This was one of the worst wrestling games I have ever played. Luckily at Electronics Boutique, they had a return policy where if you didnt like your new game, you could return it for a full refund with 7 days no questions asked. The game was return within 24 hours later.