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  • Silly newb question

    I have a fairly large collection of cards. A while back I got into chasing down autos, relics, inserts, and rookies from when I was a kid. Recently my two sons have gotten into the hobby. They each got some Pokemon cards as a gift and are now obsessed and want to collect any card they can get their hands on. So I kinda came to terms with the fact I'll probably never sell my collection. Instead I'd rather continue and share it with them. When the time comes pass it on to them or any future grandchildren.

    Which leads me to my question. What is the most effective way to store and protect these cards for the long haul? Right now I use boxes, top loaders, binders, and screw together cases. From experience what would you guys say is the most effective way to keep these cards without hurting their value years down the line. My boys are 8 and 6 by the way.

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    I would say your going in the right direction in regards to the products your already using. everything your using I am willing to bet 99 percent of us use the same stuff!
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