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Anyone See Gotham Series Premiere

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  • Anyone See Gotham Series Premiere

    Anyone catch the first episode last Monday? If so, what do you think?

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    It was OK. I think they're trying to introduce too many of the characters at once. Its like they're trying to cram as much in as fast as possible in case it gets canceled.


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      Agreed. Hopefully like Agents of Shield last year, it starts off really slow and not so good, but as the season goes on it gets a lot better.


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        It seems to be evening out. I don't like the gay plot line involving Gordon's fiance and MCU detective. Its not needed. Why couldn't it have been another male detective? Or a crime figure maybe? Why the weed use? Draw in the stoners? If those things don't somehow make Gordon a better cop or have a significant impact on the storyline, then I think the show is ruined for me.


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          This show got a little better on the last episode on Monday. Donal Logue is the only reason to watch Gotham. He makes a better Bullock, but he would probably do well if he was casted as Gordon instead.