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    I wasn't sure where to post this on here so here it goes. I sell on EBAY and when I list I research to see what others are selling at. I normally see a few of the Mega Sellers with the same cards. Sometimes I check their FB to see what they are doing and what buyers maybe I should avoid by blocking, yes that is in the past, because EBAY hid buyer IDs now.

    Well one large seller out in Southern CA used to get a huge amount of RED DINGS every month. That was because they sold across multiple forums and couldn't control taking off their inventory fast enough. Now I don't have an issue with the new EBAY/ Beckett tool that allows the seller to automatically have their item removed that's just good for everyone. My issue is with the STOCK PHOTOS. You cannot list a card and use a graded card picture or show the back of a card that is a different number than what you have for modern cards. Further more you cannot list vintage like that either as the buyer of that card is wanting what they are looking at in the picture to determine if they want it or not.

    I feel that this new venture will continue to hurt other sellers as these mega sellers will drive buyers away from EBAY. This is just an opinion and a report of what I have read in some of those FBs.