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The World’s Largest Arcade Machine Is Taller Than An Elephant

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  • The World’s Largest Arcade Machine Is Taller Than An Elephant

    The World’s Largest Arcade Machine Is Taller Than an Elephant

    You’re gonna need some bigger quarters.

    Though, technically, you don’t actually have to pay to play this insane Franken-machine built by Jason Camberis, a network engineer from Chicago. You just need to wait your turn, because we’re guessing the line to play what is now officially the World’s Largest Arcade Machine is going to grow. Guinness World Records has verified that the rig is indeed a record setter.

    It took Camberis, 44, two years to build this beast of an arcade cabinet. Standing 14 feet, 5 inches tall and more than 6 feet wide, the supersized machine is, as Guinness points out in classic Guinness fashion, “taller than a fully grown African elephant.” Baby African elephants? It’s WAY taller than them.

    More importantly, it boasts enormous joysticks and buttons that all work as they should. Camberis further commissioned a glass company to create an epic 16-inch light-up trackball. More than 250 playable classic games are available, including Pac-Man, Rampage, and Robotron, Camberis’s favorite.

    “Everything is getting smaller and smaller and smaller,” Camberis says. “I’m bringing big back.”

    While those gigantic quarter slots are just for show — you don’t actually need to insert coins to get the games working — anyone shorter than Yao Ming will want to use the machine’s built-in stairs to play.

    Camberis’s machine tops the previous record holder, a cabinet built by G4’s Attack of the Show! series back in 2007, by a full foot.

    The massive machine is just one of the many ridiculous video game honors chronicled in the 2016 version of the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition. Other new marks include weirdly specific records like the Longest Journey in Minecraft (more than 2 million blocks walked) and the Largest Life-sized Pac-Man Maze (more than 6,000 square feet). It’s on store shelves September 10.