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How Much Money Would It Cost To Be Batman?

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  • How Much Money Would It Cost To Be Batman?

    How Much Money Would it Cost to Be Batman? - IGN

    Great article from IGN.

    Everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, but how much of his money does he actually spend on being Batman?

    Comic historian Thaddeus Howze did the calculations and outlined them on Gizmodo. The cost of everything from the suit to the Batmobile has been worked out, and the total is...


    Let's take a look at Batman's bill.

    The armored cape that can withstand bullets, along with the cowl and the cape that allows Batman to glide would cost $1,058,600. About a million of that is just the custom cowl, if you can believe it.

    As for the vehicles, The Tumbler Batmobile costs $18,000,000, The Batpod motorcycle costs $1,500,000, and the flying vehicle The Bat would cost about $60,000,000. Meanwhile, everything on Batman's utility belt would total around $400,000.

    Batman can do a lot of things, from the martial arts to piloting military grade vehicles. To learn everything, he probably paid around $1,750,000 in training fees.

    Annoyingly for Wayne since he doesn't seem to spend all that much time there, his manor is the most expensive part of the equation. Rebuilding everything that incorporates Wayne Manor would cost $600,000,000. And on top of that he has to pay Alfred around $240,000 a year.

    The total comes to $682,450,750. If you know anyone with that kind of money, ask them why they haven't become Batman yet.