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Logan - Domestic Box Office Now At $226 Million

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  • Logan - Domestic Box Office Now At $226 Million

    I got my ticket for first showing tomorrow night at 7pm. Reviews are really good. Anyone else going to see this?

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    Movie is really good. Stayed true to the comics and took elements from Old Man Logan and The Death of Wolverine storylines.


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      'Logan' Finishes Jackman's Wolverine and Kick-Starts March - Box Office Mojo

      Update: Monday, 3/6/17: Looks like Logan had more in him on Sunday than Fox was guess-timating. Actuals have come in at $88.4 million this last weekend (was $85.3 million), with the film easing off of Saturday only 23% and a stellar $21,717 per screen average. So Fox's predicted $21.3 million Sunday take was actually $24.1 million. That puts the James Mangold picture in 4th place for the biggest R-rated opening weekends of all time, now ahead of The Hangover, Part II at $86 million in 2011, and just behind American Sniper with $89.2 million in 2015.—End Update

      Fox's Logan may be about old age and winding things down but the film's potent $85.3 million take over the weekend proves there's life in the old Wolverine yet. While it wasn't the biggest R-rated opening weekend of all time, (Deadpool, who snuck into theaters in a preview/snippet with Logan, still claims that title) everyone involved has to be pleased with the results. James Mangold's dark, bloody film, which includes favorite characters facing senility and deep personal regrets, was a calculated risk. In theory that "R" rating should have nixed a hefty percentage of its perceived audience, yet Logan has proved that the comic book genre can expand its scope, even shift its tone, and still pull in the crowds.

      As a user (thanks Old Goats Brand) pointed out on Twitter the 4,071 screens Logan showed on represented the widest release of any R-rated film. The closest thing to that count is 2015's Spy, the Melissa McCarty, Paul Feig-directed film, which debuted on 3,711 screens, a full 360 fewer. That June release made $7,838 per screen for a not-spectacular $29 million three-day take. Logan, on the other hand, hauled in a respectable $20.9K per screen, and now holds the biggest opening weekend of the year so far.

      Of that $85.3 million, $10.1 of it came from 381 IMAX screens. That's the 2nd highest-grossing R-Rated IMAX opening domestically (after Deadpool at $16.3 million) and is the best R-rated March IMAX opening. Logan followed suit internationally making $10.6 million on foreign IMAX screens, for the 2nd highest-grossing IMAX global opening ever for a R-rated film (agin, after that pesky Deadpool).

      Logan's Friday kicked it off with $33 million yet it didn't dip drastically on Saturday, raking in $31.3 million. If Logan does any better than the $21.3 million that Fox is estimating for Sunday that final tally may have to be revised up. Its opening has already squeaked ahead of the unloved X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which made $85 million its opening weekend in 2009 in 4,099 theaters.

      International coin was as impressive with a $152 million haul in 81 markets. Top markets were China ($46.3 million), the UK ($11.4 million), South Korea ($8.2 million), Brazil ($8.17 million), Russia ($7.1 million), France ($6 million), Australia ($5.9 million) and Mexico ($5.3 million). It was Fox's third biggest international opening of all time only trailing X-Men: Days of Future Past ($172 million) and Avatar ($164 million). Logan bumped out Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith ($145 million) and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ($151 million).


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        'Kong: Skull Island' Roars to $61M Opening While 'Logan' and 'Get Out' Stay Strong - Box Office Mojo

        In second is Fox's Logan, which topped $100 million domestically in just five days and with an estimated $37.85 million this weekend has now brought in over $150 million in just ten days. Of the three standalone Wolverine films this is already the second largest grossing and only needs $27.2 million to top 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Logan's 57.2% second weekend drop is a bit more than we were predicting in our weekend preview, but it is well within expectation for a film that opened as large as it did.

        As of now, Logan is the second largest domestic release of 2017 and will soon be passing The LEGO Batman Movie to top the list (though Beauty and the Beast will soon be assuming that crown). Internationally, however, Logan currently stands as the #1 release of 2017 after taking in an estimated $70.3 million from 79 markets this weekend for an international total of $285.6 million and a worldwide cume of $438.3 million making it the highest grossing worldwide release among the three standalone Wolverine releases. Logan hits theaters in Japan on June 1.


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          'Beauty and the Beast' Delivers a Record-Setting $170 Million Opening - Box Office Mojo

          Third belongs to Fox's Logan, which brought in an estimated $17.5 million as its domestic cume is now just shy of $185 million. Internationally, Logan added another $31.5 million this weekend bringing its worldwide cume to $524.1 million, as it remains the #1 worldwide release of 2017.


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            Disney's 'Beauty' Delivers Beastly Second Weekend, While 'Power Rangers' Opens with $40.5M - Box Office Mojo

            Rounding out the top five is Fox's Logan, which brought in an estimated $10.1 million, pushing its domestic cume over $200 million. Internationally, Logan added an estimated $12 million bringing its worldwide cume to $565.5 million, placing second on the worldwide chart for 2017.


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              'Boss Baby' Dethrones 'Beauty and the Beast' as 'Ghost in the Shell' Underperforms - Box Office Mojo

              Also dropping 40% was Fox's Logan, which finished in sixth with $6.2 million as its domestic total now stands at $211.8 million.


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                'Fate of the Furious' Debuts with Record International and Worldwide Opening Weekend - Box Office Mojo

                A few other weekend highlights include Logan, which brought in an estimated $1.9 million and has now topped $220 million domestically.