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Wonder Women - Domestic Box Office Now At $412 Million

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  • Wonder Women - Domestic Box Office Now At $412 Million

    'Wonder Woman' Sets a Record Opening for a Female Directed Feature - Box Office Mojo

    Wonder Woman exceeded all expectations this weekend, delivering an impressive $100 million opening, the largest opening for a female-directed feature, vastly out-performing the previous record holder Fifty Shades of Grey, which debuted with $85.1 million back in 2015. Meanwhile, Fox's release of the DreamWorks Animation feature Captain Underpants came up a little short of Mojo's forecast while mildly outperforming the studio's modest expectations. Overall, the weekend dramatically outperformed the post-holiday weekend from 2016 by a massive 38% as the top twelve delivered a combined $176 million.

    At the top, Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot in the title role, went into the weekend boasting the best reviews out of the four films that have been released in the DC Extended Universe so far and the critical opinion definitely aided the film's awareness as the buzz only continued to grow throughout the week. Following an impressive $38.76 million Friday that buzz was no longer due to critics as audiences gave the film an "A" CinemaScore, pushing the film over $100 million for its opening weekend, the first female directed feature to achieve such an opening. And as far as female-led comic book adaptations are concerned, it's by far the largest opening as the second closest is Paramount's Ghost in the Shell, which debuted with $18.6 million earlier this year.

    In fact, Wonder Woman delivered the 16th largest opening weekend for a comic book adaptation all-time. It's the sixth largest opening among that group if you don't count sequels and, based on estimates, the sixth largest June opening all-time. Looking ahead, given the strong word of mouth, it would be no shock to see it deliver $300 million domestically or at least very close to that figure.

    Beyond the CinemaScore, the film played to an audience that was 52% female vs. 48% male, 14% of the audience was under the age of 18 and 47% was over the age of 35.

    Internationally, the performance was equally strong, as Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $122.5 million from 55 markets, which includes a $38 million debut in China, bettering the openings for the likes of Man of Steel, Thor, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Additional openings include the UK ($7.5m), Mexico ($8.4m), South Korea ($8.5m), Brazil ($8.3m), Australia ($4.9m), Russia ($4.8m) and Indonesia ($4.7m). Still to come are openings in France next week, Germany on June 15, Spain on June 23 and the film opens in Japan in August.

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    'Wonder Woman' Tops Cruise's 'Mummy' for Second Week at #1 - Box Office Mojo

    With an estimated $57 million, Warner Bros. and DC Comics' release of Wonder Woman finished atop the weekend box office for a second week in a row as its domestic cume now totals more than $205 million after just ten days in release. The performance signals a 45% drop compared to the film's massive $103 million debut last weekend. Just to put that drop in perspective, recent DC Films saw significantly larger second weekend dips as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fell 69% in its second weekend, Suicide Squad dropped 67% and Man of Steel dipped 65%.

    Internationally, Wonder Woman added $58.1 million from 57 markets, brining its international cume to $230.2 million for a global tally that now tops $435 million. The film debuts in Germany next week followed by Spain (June 23) and Japan in August.


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      'Cars 3' Speeds to Weekend #1 as 'Wonder Woman' Tops $570M Worldwide - Box Office Mojo

      Second place belongs to Wonder Woman, which dropped a mere 30% for an outstanding $40.7 million, which puts its domestic cume just shy of $275 million. This is the second largest third weekend ever for WB, just behind the $42.6 million for The Dark Knight and ahead of the $35.7 million for The Dark Knight Rises. Additionally, the film went into the weekend outpacing Man of Steel after 14 days in release and it is also now overtaken Suicide Squad, which had grossed $262.4 million after 17 days, which is impressive to say the least considering Wonder Woman debuted with $62.7 million less than Suicide Squad. If you'd like to drill deeper, you can compare all four of the DC Extended Universe titles right here.

      Internationally, Wonder Woman delivered an estimated $39.5 million from 62 markets, bringing the international cume to $297.2 million, pushing the film's worldwide total to $571.8 million. This puts Wonder Woman's international cume ahead of films such as The Wolverine ($282.2m), Thor ($268.2m) and Iron Man ($266.7m). Openings this weekend included an estimated $3.2 million debut in Germany, a $982k opening in the Netherlands and a $810k release in Norway.


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        'Transformers 5' Opens with Franchise Low as 'Wonder Woman' Surpasses 'Batman v Superman' Domestically - Box Office Mojo

        As for WB's Wonder Woman, it continues to live up to its protagonist's name, dropping only 39% in its fourth weekend in release. The film is now just shy of $320 million domestically and is now out-pacing all three of the previous DC Extended Universe releases as it now passes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which had brought in $311.3 million after the same number of days in release. To that point, Wonder Woman has already outgrossed the entire domestic run for Man of Steel, is ~$7 million away from outgrossing the domestic run for Suicide Squad and will surpass Batman v Superman's $330.4 million run over the next few days, which will make it the third largest DC Comics adaptation domestically, behind only The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

        Internationally, Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $20.5 million from 65 markets as the overseas cume currently stands at $334.5 million. The film is still behind the three previous DC releases internationally, but it is just $42.5 million behind Man of Steel. This weekend it released in Spain where it brought in an estimated $2.2 million and it still has yet to be released in Japan, where it will premiere on August 25. Overall, Wonder Woman has now topped $635 million worldwide as it currently stands as the sixth largest DC Comics adaptation of all-time worldwide.


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          'Despicable Me 3' #1; 'Baby Driver' Outperforms and 'Wonder Woman' Tops $700M Worldwide - Box Office Mojo

          Wonder Woman lassoed another solid weekend, finishing fourth with an estimated $15.57 million as the film's domestic cume now stands at $346.1 million after five weeks in release. Internationally the film added another $13.6 million as its overseas cume grows to over $360 million for a global tally of $708 million. At this point Wonder Woman is the third largest domestic release among all DC Comics based features and becomes one of the top 100 all-time worldwide grossers.


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            Spider-Man: Homecoming' Delivers $117M Opening Domestically, Over $250M Worldwide

            Warner's Wonder Woman continues its impressive run, delivering an estimated $10.1 million as its domestic cume is now just shy of $370 million, making it the tenth largest superhero release domestically of all-time. Internationally it added an estimated $6.8 million to its total for a global tally topping $745 million.


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              War for the Planet of the Apes Plays More Like Rise Than Dawn with $56.5M Debut

              Wonder Woman enjoyed the smallest drop (29.9%) in the top ten, finishing just outside the top five in the film's seventh week in release, delivering an estimated $6.9 million weekend. That puts the film's domestic total over $380 million as it inches closer to topping the domestic run of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($386.5m). Internationally, Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $3.3 million from 61 markets, bringing the film's overseas cume to $384.2 million for a global tally just shy of $765 million. The film has still yet to open in Japan where it will debut on August 25.


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                'Dunkirk' Delivers $50.5M Debut, 'Girls Trip' Opens with $30M and 'Valerian' Stumbles

                Also in the top ten for the eighth weekend in a row, WB's Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $4.6 million bringing the domestic cume to $389 million making it the largest domestic release of summer 2017, topping Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's current $387 million. Internationally, Wonder Woman added another $1.8 million this weekend for a $390.4 million overseas gross and a global tally just shy of $780 million.

                Wonder Woman is already the highest grossing domestic release of the four films in the DC Extended Universe and it currently places second in terms of worldwide gross behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which finished with $873.3 million worldwide. Wonder Woman has still yet to debut in Japan where it opens on August 25.


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                  Dunkirk Holds Off Emoji and Atomic Blonde for Second Weekend at #1

                  Rounding out the top ten is Wonder Woman with an estimated $3.5 million, dropping only 23% in its ninth weekend in release. The superhero feature has now topped $395 million domestically and is on its way to becoming only the 27th film all-time to top $400 million at the domestic box office.


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                    The Dark Tower' Tops Lowest Weekend of Summer 2017 Yet

                    Wonder Woman needs less than $500k to become the 27th film all-time to top $400 million at the domestic box office.


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                      Hitman's Bodyguard Tops Weekend with $21M+ Opening as Logan Lucky Falls Short

                      Additionally, Wonder Woman topped $800 million worldwide this weekend and became the highest grossing superhero origin film with $404 million domestically, topping 2002's Spider-Man.


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                        Hitman's Bodyguard Repeats at #1 During Worst Box Office Weekend in Over 15 Years

                        Outside the top ten, WB's Wonder Woman was brought back to several theaters (+1,407) where it grossed an estimated $1.7 million for a domestic total of $406.2 million. The film is now just $3.8 million shy of $410 million, which would place it #20 on the all-time domestic chart. Additionally, Wonder Woman topped $400 million internationally this weekend, fueled by an estimated $3.4 million three-day opening in Japan bringing the film's worldwide cume to $806.2 million placing it 64th all-time.


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                          Summer 2017 Closes Out with the Worst Labor Day Weekend in 17 Years

                          WB's Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $1.9 million this weekend pushing its domestic cume to $408.9 million, which is enough to make it the sixth highest grossing superhero release of all-time and it is soon to surpass Iron Man 3 for fifth place on the list. The film now ranks #21 all-time domestically after surpassing Captain America: Civil War and The Hunger Games this weekend.


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                            It Devours Competition with Record-Breaking $117 Million Opening

                            WB's Wonder Woman brought in an estimated $662k this weekend and it has now crossed $410 million domestically, enough to become the fifth largest superhero release of all-time, pushing Iron Man 3 to sixth with $409 million.