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Name Your Favorite Television Show Twist/Shocking Moment

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  • Name Your Favorite Television Show Twist/Shocking Moment

    Name Your Favorite Television Show Twist/Shocking Moment.

    2 of my favorite televisions shows are The Shield and 24. The top 3 twists/shocking moments that I have seen are

    24 Season 5 Episode 1 - Within the first 5 minutes of the episode, they kill off 2 major characters in David Palmer and Michelle Dessler.

    The Shield Season 5 Season Finale - Shane Vendrell killing off friend and partner Curtis Lemansky.

    The Shield Season 7 Series Finale - Having the series end with Vic Mackey going free from all his past wrongs, but losing all his family, friends, and job he loves in the process.

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    I was trying my best to come up with an answer...but I think you said it all when you listed the two Sheild Episodes.

    I loved that show!

    Now, the show Nip Tuck....that was just plain weird....and there are too many shows that had twist and turns and shockers....but this is a family we won't go there.
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      Lem getting killed off was a travesty, im glad Shane got his in the final season.

      My biggest twist/shocker would be from my favorite show on tv.

      Dexter season finale..

      Dexter coming home to find Rita murdered by Trinity in the bathtub.
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