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2 Television Hit Shows Ending - 24 & Lost

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  • 2 Television Hit Shows Ending - 24 & Lost

    Back to back nights, 2 hit television shows are ending. The series finale of Lost was tonight and 24 ends tomorrow night. All shows eventually come to an end, but it sucks when it is one of your favorite shows.

    I cant wait to see 24 tomorrow. There are plans to make a 24 movie which will explain events after Season 8, so that means they cant kill off Jack Bauer. My guess is that Bauer will end up killing the Russian President and possibly even President Taylor. I think the show will end with him going to jail or being handed over to the Russians to be jailed overseas.

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    The 24 Series Finale was decent. I really thought Jack was going to shoot the Russian President. Having President Logan shoot himself was kind of a letdown, it would have been better if Jack did it. The ending set up nicely for the 24 movie.