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Sidney Crosby Cleared for Contact

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  • Sidney Crosby Cleared for Contact

    Sid the Kid has finally been cleared for contact and may play this weekend..

    Very excited to see if he can return to the ice symptom free...

    I feel very bad for him that he has lost basically over a year of his career due to concussions...

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    It's good to see him ready to go.
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      Mario Lemieux was interviewed during the 2nd period of last night's Leafs/Pens game, and he said he may play this weekend. I'm not so sure why they would rush him back. They are winning without him, so no need to take a chance unless he's 100% ready to go.


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        Yet why rush his return!
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          I don't think they are rushing him...he hasn't played since December...Seems like they took a long time making sure he was ready...


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            Crosby hasn't scored a goal yet but has looked great since coming back...the Penguins are going to be extremely dangerous come playoff time...