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    I recently started a new hockey card blog over at The Stick Market Report. It deals with the hobby more from an investment standpoint; who's up, who's down kind of stuff. I'll also do the occasional box break as well. Feel free to check it out if you'd like!
    The Stick Market Report

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    Very cool! Welcome to the Cardboard Connection!
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      Hey Nick, I ran a rss from your old basketball blog on here. I can do the same for your hockey blog as well. LMK. Thx.


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        Yeah that would be great. Hopefully this one will last longer.
        The Stick Market Report


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          Welcome to "The Stick Market Report"

          I know I have already posted a few times on here, but it just occurred to me that I never officially wrote a "welcome" post to kick things off for this blog. So, without further delay...

          Welcome to "The Stick Market Report", where hockey cards and finance collide!

          This blog's purpose is to focus on the hockey card hobby, not so much from a collecting standpoint, but from an investing standpoint. Many people are intrigued by the idea of turning a little profit from sports cards, but don't know how to go about it. That's where this blog comes in. I will share with you tips and advice on investing in cards, specifically hockey cards, as well as provide some analysis on the market.

          I chose to start this blog for a few reasons. In the Fall of 2012 I will be starting my freshman year of college as a Finance major. I've also been collecting sports cards (mostly basketball and hockey) on and off since I was a little kid back in 2001. Watching hockey is something that I do on a regular basis (go Preds!), and I feel that I have just as much hockey knowledge as most NHL fans. So anyways, a few weeks ago it just clicked in my head that I should combine these two interests and use them as the topic of a blog. Thus "The Stick Market Report" was born.

          A little bit about me; as I said earlier, I will be going off to college in Nashville this Fall, which I am very excited about. I chose to major in Finance because that has always been something that has drawn my interest. I enjoy learning about personal finance and investment portfolio management. Call me weird, but I like it.

          I intend to post on a regular basis for the next couple of years or so, and I invite you to subscribe via email or RSS feed, and become a follower. I would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the blog. Feel free to comment on this post below, or visit the "Contact" page for other methods of reaching me.

          I look forward to running this blog in the years to come, and seeing what the future holds!

          The Stick Market Report


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            I got your RSS feed up and running out now. All your blogs will automatically post on here. Thanks Nicholas.


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              Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!
              The Stick Market Report