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Labor talks to resume Tuesday

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  • Labor talks to resume Tuesday

    NEW YORK -- Day 3 of labor talks between the NHL and NHL Players' Association yielded little news. The two sides met for approximately 2½ hours Friday to discuss "technical matters" before wrapping up for the weekend.

    According to NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr, the players' association is still in the process of gathering information, both with regards to the NHL's proposal submitted last week and beyond. The NHLPA has not yet submitted a counterproposal or a proposal of its own, and it appears unready to do so at this time.

    "When we get to the point where we're going to formally respond to the proposal they made -- by description, by counterproposal, or by separate proposal of our own -- everybody will know," Fehr said. "We're not there yet."
    NHL, NHLPA discuss 'technical matters' as labor talks continue - ESPN
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    see if they can drag this one out like basketball
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