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Who do you think will win the MITB matches?

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  • key2win
    For the Raw MITB, Orton and Edge dont need it. Jericho and Bourne will cancel each other out. Mark Henry isnt going to win. It will be between Dibiase, Morrison, and The Miz. Since they have been pushing The Miz lately, I can see him winning.

    For the Smackdown MITB, Kane and Big Show dont need it. Kingston, Rhodes, and Ziggler will probably cancel each other out. It will come down to Matt Hardy, Christian, and Drew. Drew is supposedly in the dog house, so I see Christian and Matt Hardy being the last two with Christian winning.

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  • Who do you think will win the MITB matches?

    Just curious what everyone thinks.

    For RAW I hope its The Miz, or John Morrison, but I think it'll be Edge or Orton, I think if they won though it'd completely ruin the point of the match, they don't need the briefcase, they can get a title match whenever they want, i've always considered the match to elevate a guy from midcard status to the main event, which is why i think it'd benifit Miz or Morrison.

    For Smackdown, i'd prefer McIntye or Kofi but for some reason i'm thinking Matt Hardy actually has a chance, Matt is pulling his shennanigans on youtube as usual with his delusional thinking

    However they've been giving him some good hype on how he's never been champion lately and they havent done that with the other participants, if he won i'm sure it'd be a pity reign for his years of working for the company, but what makes me think differently is how could the champion be a guy who wheres a tanktop because he is out of shape. Don't get me wrong, i'm not expecting him to be a body builder, but i can take him seriously wrestling in a tanktop