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WWE Survivor Series Results - 11/21/10

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  • WWE Survivor Series Results - 11/21/10

    WWE Survivor Series Results
    November 21st, 2010

    The 2010 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view opens with a video package with highlights from previous shows. We get a John Cena video package with clips of Cena's career from previous years and what's been going on with Nexus.

    WWE United States Title Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Daniel Bryan

    The bell rings and both men lock up. Bryan works over Dibiase's arm, but it's quickly turned around on him. Bryan is able to get out of it and hit a dropkick and the lights go down for no reason at all. They come back up and Bryan catches Dibiase with a big boot in the midsection. Dibiase rolls out to the apron and catches Bryan in the stomach with a shoulder. Dibiase traps Bryan and suplexes him from inside the ring out to the floor.

    DiBiase rolls Bryan back into the ring, lays in a couple of elbows across his throat, and goes up to the middle rope to drop a double ax handle, again across Bryan's throat. Bryan falls to the outside but he's quickly rolled back in. Dibiase goes for the cover but he's only able to get a two count. Bryan stuns Dibiase with a big European uppercut, and another. Bryan scores with a kick, but he's taken down to the mat by Dibiase and pounded for a little bit before Dibiase attempts another pinfall. Dibiase goes right into a rear chin lock as soon as Bryan kicks out, but Bryan is able to fight out of it, only to be planted across Dibiase's knee with a backbreaker, and stood up for a dropkick. Dibiase locks in another rear chin lock.

    Bryan is able to fight to his feet, and avoids a suplex from Dibiase only to come back with a beautiful dropkick into the corner. Bryan lays into Dibiase with a series of kicks, backflips over Dibiase in the corner, and lands a sliding lariat. Bryan throws Dibiase to the outside and hits a beautiful suicide dive, only to immediately get up grabbing his shoulder. Bryan hits a shotgun missile dropkick from the top rope that's good for a two count. Bryan kicks Dibiase sqaure in the chest about eight times before going for another. Dibiase grabs his leg but finds himself caught in a small package for two. Bryan goes for the LaBell lock, but Dibiase fights it off and hits a clothesline that's good for a two count.

    Dibiase tries for the Dream street, but Bryan is able to counter, and runs up into the corner, forcing Dibiase into a pinning predicament. Dibiase kicks out but holds on to the million dollar dream. Bryan fights out but he's immediately put back down by Dibiase. Dibiase takes Bryan to the corner and buries his shoulder in Bryan's midsection before placing him on the top rope. Bryan slips under a superplex attempt and Dibiase ends up perched on the top rope instead. Bryan connects with a beautiful high angle back superplex, and he immediately goes back to holding his shoulder before going for a pin. Bryan only gets a two but tries to transition directly into the LaBell lock, only for Dibiase to slingshot him into the corner. Dibiase tries for a quick pin, but Bryan fights out, locks in the LaBell lock, and forces Dibiase to tap.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

    After the match, Bryan is headed up the ramp when he is attacked by Alex Riley and The Miz, who make their way down to the ring. The Miz rips on the Miami Heat. Miz talks about Wade Barrett and continues ripping LeBron James of the Heat. Miz teases cashing in and says it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when now. Miz says he's awesome and that's it.

    Josh Matthews is backstage interviewing Sheamus now. Sheamus says Morrison will never be a WWE Champion. Sheamus says he's going to break Morrison's will and break his body.

    Sheamus vs. John Morrison

    The bell rings and both men lock up. Sheamus backs Morrison into the corner and slaps him in the face. Morrison responds with forearms and right hands, but Sheamus is quick to slam his head into the turnbuckle. Morrison responds with a hurricanrana, and a dropkick that sends Sheamus to the outside. Morrison executes a corkscrew dive to the outside on top of Sheamus and beats on him for bit, only to be shoved hard into the ringside barricade. Sheamus hits a double ax handle smash to Morrison's head before sending him back into the ring and going for the cover, getting a two count. Sheamus hits Morrison with a series of knee drops before simply standing on Morrison's head. Sheamus picks up Morrison for a short arm clothesline and scores another near fall before locking in a rear chin lock.

    Morrison is able to fight back up to his feet, but Sheamus puts him right back down to the mat and begins stomping away. Sheamus picks Morrison up and props him against the ropes so that he can club away at his back. Sheamus hits a reverse DDT, planting Morrison on his knee, and it's good for another two count. Sheamus lock in a submission focused on Morrison's shoulder, but Morrison is able to fight up to his feet. Morrison scores a couple of punches, but runs right into a high knee from Sheamus that puts him right back on the mat. Sheamus picks Morrison up and clubs across Morrison's chest repeatedly. Sheamus goes for another cover but still can't score a three count.

    Morrison continues to attempt to fight back, but Sheamus puts him right back down with a big right hand. Sheamus picks Morrison up and places him on the top rope. When Sheamus begins to climb though, he's punches away by Morrison. Sheamus is quick to come back, jumping up the ropes and pounding down repeatedly on Morrison's back. Sheamus goes for a superplex, but Morrison holds on, fights back, and sends Sheamus down to the mat with a big forearm. Morrison hits a cross body from the top, but Sheamus rolls through, holding on to Morrison, and plants him with a huge slam that's good for another near fall.

    The end comes when Morrison slides in and rolls up Sheamus for 2. Sheamus back to the knee, clips Morrison to the mat. Morrison back with the kick, Starship Pain countered, set up top, Irish Curse by Sheamus countered, misses the boot, caught in the ropes, kick by Morrison and a running knee gets the pinfall and the win.

    Winner: John Morrison

    We go backstage with John Cena and R-Truth. Cena asks Truth what he wants. Truth says he may have a solution for everything. Truth reminds Cena that Nexus is banned from ringside in the main event but he, Truth, isn't. Truth proposes that he comes out and something accidentally happens to Randy Orton. Cena says he wouldn't be able to live with himself if that happened. Cena says he's calling it down the middle and says that's the truth. Truth says he will believe it when he sees it.

    WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler

    The bell rings and both men lock up. Ziggler backs Kaval up into the corner, and goes for a right hand, but Kaval avoids it. Kaval hits a big shoulderblock and goes right for the pin but only gets two. Kaval hits a sick chop, but finds himself backed into the corner again. Ziggler kicks Kaval in the stomach before hitting a snap mare and following it up with a flipping neckbreaker. Ziggler stomps at Kaval's back, and as soon as he gets to his feet, Ziggler hits a judo toss, taking Kaval off of his feet. Kaval is able to come back with a quick roll up, but he only gets a two count. Ziggler comes right back, dropping the elbow across Kaval's neck. Kaval hits a back handspring cross body that stuns Ziggler, and connects with another sick chop. Kaval mounts Ziggler in the corner, hitting four consecutive right hands, but he's distracted by Vickie, and Ziggler pulls Kaval's legs out from under him, causing his face to smash into the turnbuckle. Ziggler goes for a pin, but only gets two, he quickly goes right into a rear chin lock.

    Kaval is able to fight his way out of the hold, but he quickly finds himself back on the mat and in Ziggler's clutches again. Kaval fights back up to his feet another time and catches a charging Ziggler with a big boot, and a series of running clotheslines. Kaval hits a couple of nasty kicks to Ziggler before splashing him in the corner and following up with a springboard asai moonsault.

    Kaval hits Ziggler with a beautiful chop and follows up with a kick to Ziggler's face, which is still only good for a two count. Kaval goes to the top rope, but Ziggler is able to stop him. Ziggler goes up too and locks in the sleeper on Kaval, but Kaval is able to fight out of it and send Ziggler to the mat. Kaval looks like he tries for the Phoenix splash, but when Ziggler moves he lands on his feet. Ziggler comes back with a rocker dropper, and goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Ziggler is able to lock in the sleeper hold, but Kaval fights out of it. Ziggler throws Kaval up only for him to land on the top rope, and jump right off with a huge enzugiri that's good for another near fall.

    Both men make it back to their feet, and Kaval lays right in with a kick to Ziggler's thigh. Ziggler kicks Kaval in the stomach and head butt's the back of Kaval's head before dropping a couple of elbows across the back of his neck. Kaval tries for a roll up but Ziggler holds on to the ropes. When he does go down it's for a one count, and Ziggler comes back with a small package, for a two count of his own. Kaval tries for another roll up, but Ziggler is able to counter it, and hold on to the tights just a bit to score the three count over Kaval.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    We go backstage with Jack Swagger, talking about being a member of Team Del Rio tonight. Swagger says it should be his team since he's the only former World Champion. Cody Rhodes starts talking and all of Team Del Rio is there. Del Rio talks about destroying Rey Mysterio and his team tonight. Del Rio walks off and Cody says he is good.

    Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, MVP and Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio, Tyler Reks, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger

    Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger look to start things out for their respective teams. The bell rings and Del Rio jumps in the ring instead. The crowd is giving a ton of love to the hometown boy MVP. Del Rio backs off of a lock up, resetting himself, and doing it again before backing into his own team's corner and tagging out to Cody Rhodes. Rhodes makes his way in and locks up with Mysterio. Rhodes and Mysterio trade holds for a bit before Rhodes puts him down with a shoulderblock. Mysterio comes back with a kick to the chest, but ends up walking into a beautiful disaster kick from Rhodes that's good for a two count. Del Rio tags in and kicks Mysterio hard in the gut while he's being held by Rhodes. Del Rio lays into Mysterio with a series of kicks before sending him into the corner. Mysterio responds with a hurricarana, and a low dropkick to a seated Del Rio in the corner.

    MVP tags in and comes into the match with a huge single leg kick to Del Rio that's good for a two count. MVP works over Del Rio with a series of kicks in the corner. Del Rio goes for an enzugiri, but MVP blocks it, and hits a yakuza kick in the corner. MVP tags in Kofi, who comes in with a big ax handle smash to Del Rio's arm. Masters tags in next, but Del Rio is able to surprise him and make the tag out to Reks, who comes in and beats Masters down in the corner. McIntyre comes in next and hits Masters with a couple of big forearms in the corner and a couple of short arm clotheslines that takes Masters down. McIntyre goes to the top and leaps off, but Masters gets his foot up and McIntyre crashes into it. MVP is back in with a series of dropkicks and a huge exploder suplex. MVP tries for, and connects with the ballin' elbow.

    MVP knocks Del Rio off the apron, and suplexes McIntyre, only for Del Rio to grab MVP's feet. McIntyre lands on top of MVP, and Del Rio holds on, allowing a three count.

    MVP has been eliminated.

    Masters and Del Rio tag in and Masters tries for the master lock, but Del Rio fights out of it and locks in the rolling armbar, forcing Masters to tap.

    Chris Masters is eliminated

    Big Show comes in to a big pop from the crowd, and Del Rio is quick to tag out to Swagger.

    Swagger tries to take out Show's legs with a chop block. He tags out to Del Rio, who chops Show across the back. Del Rio gloats, but when he turns around he finds a pretty angry Big Show. Del Rio tries to tag out to McIntyre, but McIntyre doesn't want to, so Del Rio tags him anyway. Show hits Del Rio with a huge punch and brings in McIntyre over the top rope. Show works over McIntyre for a bit, but runs into a big boot. McIntyre tries for hit DDT, but Show fights it off and hits a big clothesline. Kofi tags in, and Show slams him onto McIntyre. Kofi tries for the pin but only gets a two count. Del Rio looks like he's being escorted out. Rhodes is able to tag in and he eats a slap to the face from Kofi. Rhodes gets angry and goes to the outside, kicking the barrier and ripping apart the announce table. Rhodes makes the ring announcer hold up his jacket with the mirror on the back to make sure his face is alright. He rolls back into the ring only to get another slap to the face. Kofi tags out to Show who comes in and teases a KO punch. Show slaps Cody on the back instead, but comes up with another KO punch, connecting this time. Show pins Rhodes.

    Cody Rhodes has been eliminated.

    Reks comes into the match quickly knocking Show off his feet with a giant shoulder block. Swagger and Reks trade off working over the Big Show, and Swagger tries to work over Show's leg. Show gets to his feet and tries for the chokeslam on Swagger, only to have it turned around into the ankle lock. Show is able to make it to his corner and tags out to Mysterio who comes in with a seated senton on top of Swagger that's good for a two count. Swagger is able to catch Mysterio, but Mysterio fights out, only to run right into a big boot. Swagger cheap shots Kingston in the corner, but when he goes back, Kofi drop toe holds him into the ropes. Mysterio tries for the 619, but Swagger catches him and locks in the ankle lock. Mysterio swings himself around and counters out of it, putting Swagger into the ropes again. Reks makes the tag and tries to surprise Mysterio but he ducks it and tags in Kingston who comes in as a house of fire, kicking Reks in the face and scoring a huge cross body from the top rope.

    Kofi goes to the top but ends up caught up in a tree of woe when Reks stops him. Reks charges him, but Kofi fights pout of the tree of woe and connects with a big kick, rolling up Reks and getting the three count.

    Tyler Reks has been eliminated.

    Swagger comes in and goes for the ankle lock but Kofi fights out of it. Swagger tries for the gut wrench, but Kofi fights out again. Kofi tries for Trouble In Paradise, but Swagger catches him in the ankle lock. Kofi is forced to tap.

    Kofi Kingston has been eliminated.

    Show tags in and works over Swagger, only to quickly tag out to Mysterio. Mysterio climbs on Show's shoulders, but McIntyre kicks Show's leg, forcing Mysterio to fall. Swagger hits the Vader bomb, but it's not enough for a three count. Mysterio forces Swagger into the ropes and connects with the 619. Mysterio climbs on Show again and splashes Swagger, scoring the three count.

    Jack Swagger has been eliminated.

    McIntyre is in and tries for the Future Shock, but he finds himself 619'd instead. Show tags in and hits a chokeslam, taking McIntyre down to the mat for the three count.

    Winners: Rey Mysterio and Big Show

    We go backstage with Josh Matthews and Randy Orton. Orton says he's tired of talking about John Cena. Orton says he's thinking about beating Wade Barrett tonight and retaining the WWE Title. Orton says there will be an RKO or a punt to the skull for Barrett tonight.

    WWE Divas Title Handicap Match: Natalya vs. LayCool

    Natalya and McCool lock up, only for Natalya to be immediately taken down to the mat. McCool lays in with a couple of right hands before picking her up and hitting a big European uppercut. Natalya tries to fight back but McCool kicks her in the back and tags in Layla who hits a big running clothesline. Layla lays into Natalya with a couple of big forearms and a huge kick, tying her up in the ropes. The ref pulls Layle away, only for McCool to pull her out of the ring and to the floor in a rough manner. McCool tags back in and LayCool try for a double suplex in the ring, but Natalya is able to reverse it. Natalya rolls to the outside where she's attacked by McCool who lays in with a couple of kicks. When she tries for a big running kick though, Natalya moves and McCool ends up straddling the ringside barricade. Natalya tosses McCool over the barricade, and when Layla tries to attack, she's thrown into McCool.

    Natalya tries to bring McCool back into the ring, but she's tosses into the barricade by McCool instead. McCool rolls Natalya into the ring, but Natalya is able to send McCool straight into Layla with whom she butts heads. Natalya locks in the sharpshooter on McCool, and forces her to tap out.

    Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Natalya

    After the match, Natalya celebrates with her new title. Layla and McCool attack her from behind and beat her up. Beth Phoenix's music hits and out she comes to make the save. Beth drops Layla with her finisher. Natalya gets on Beth's shoulders to celebrate and pose for the fans.

    World Heavyweight Title Match: Edge vs. Kane

    The bell rings, and Kane tries to clothesline Edge, but eats a slap to the face instead. Edge comes back with a couple more rights to the face, rolls to the outside where he sweeps Kane off of his feet. Edge goes to the top and jumps off, almost getting caught with a chokeslam, but Edge fights out of it and hits a heel kick to put Kane on his back. Kane is able to fight back, clubbing Edge across the back. Edge rolls back to the outside, and wheels around the wheelchair, further maddening Kane. Kane rolls out to chase Edge, but Edge rolls back into the ring, hits a baseball slide, and sends Kane into the barricade. Edge sends Kane back into the ring, ducks a big boot and takes Kane back down to the mat, where he begins stomping at his knee and pounding his head.

    Edge rolls to the outside and drags Kane by the leg to the corner of the ring, where he wraps his leg around the ring post. Edge rolls back into the ring and goes right back to work on Kane's knees, stomping away at both of them before dragging him into the center of the ring and locking in a leg lock. Kane is able to fight out of it with a couple of quick leg drops. Both men get up to their feet and Edge tries for the Impaler DDT, but he's instead placed across the top rope and kicked out to the floor. Kane follows out and he picks Edge up to his feet, catching him with a big right hand. Edge rolls back into the ring, but Kane drags his head out to the apron and lays into him with a series of rights. Kane makes his way back into the ring and sends Edge into the corner with a hard Irish whip. Kane chokes Edge against the bottom rope before picking him up and whipping him hard across the ring again. Kane chokes Edge with his boot while asking where his father is. Kane backs Edge up into the corner and comes at him hard with a couple of quick combinations and a big kick, that's good for a near fall.

    Kane continues to ask where Bearer is while holding on to a front chancery. Edge is able to fight up to his feet, but Kane snap mares him back down and hits a giant low dropkick. Kane goes for the cover but he's only able to get a two count. Kane goes back to the chancery, continuing to wear down Edge. Edge is able to score a couple of shots to Kane's stomach, staggering him. Edge finds himself backdropped out to the apron, but he comes back, slamming Kane head first into the turnbuckle, and hitting a big cross body from the top rope. Edge lays into Kane with a few right hands, but when he tries to whip Kane across the ring it's reversed and he eats a big slam instead. Kane climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a dive, but he's caught with a big dropkick from Edge instead.

    Both men are able to make it back to their feet, where Edge ducks a clothesline and hits a running forearm, then a clothesline of his own before hitting a drop toe hold that sends Kane into the ropes. Edge hits a splash onto Kane's back before trying for a quick roll up that's good for a two count. Kane charges Edge in the corner only to walk into a big boot, but when Edge jumps from the second rope, it's right into a big right hand from Kane. Kane tries for a suplex, but Edge reverses out of it into a fall away neckbreaker that's good for another near fall. Both men are back up and Edge runs right into a big side slam from Kane that's good for a near fall for the champion. Kane goes back up to the top, but Edge is able to stop him, sitting him down on the top rope instead. Edge scales the ropes, but Kane pushes him off, crotching him on the top rope. Kane jumps off the turnbuckle with a big lariat that puts Edge down on the mat for a two count. Kane tries for the chokeslam but Edge is able to fight it off and connect with the Impaler DDT instead.

    Edge sets up for the spear, but Kane is able to meet him with a big boot instead, stopping Edge dead. Kane goes for, and connects with a big chokeslam, but it's still not enough to keep Edge down for a three count. Kane argues with the ref for a bit before getting back up to his feet, frustrated. Kane tries for the tombstone, but Edge fights out of it and is able to connect with a spear. Both men have their shoulder's down, and the ref counts three. Edge is announced as the winner and new World Champion.

    The referee takes the World Title and waves off the announcement. The ref informs Tony Chimel that both Edge and Kane's shoulders were down and the match results in a tie. It's announced that Kane is still the World Heavyweight Champion. Kane's music plays and he gets his belt back.

    Contest is a Draw but Kane is Still World Heavyweight Champion

    After the match, Kane attacks Edge and throws him out to the floor. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Edge counters and trips him into the steel steps. Edge throws Kane into the ringpost and sits him in the wheelchair. Edge runs Kane and the wheelchair through the fan barrier at ringside. Edge's music hits and he leaves Kane laid out.

    We go backstage with Wade Barrett and John Cena. Barrett talks about how this is the same building where Nexus started up and interfered in Cena's match when he was WWE Champion. Barrett says he didn't fire Cena for what happened on RAW last Monday because he didn't want to. Barrett tells Cena to do his job tonight and he will be free from Nexus.

    WWE Tag Team Title Match: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

    Slater and Santino start things out for their respective teams. Santino swings wildly but misses, and so instead takes Slater over with a Sambo throw. Slater tags out to Gabriel who tries to catch Santino with a couple of kicks. Santino avoids them and takes Gabriel off his feet before tagging in Kozlov. Kozlov manhandles Gabriel, tossing him around the ring and hitting a big boot. Gabriel hits a chop block, but Kozlov comes right back with a giant head butt to a leaping Gabriel. Gabriel is able to take Kozlov off his feet and make the tag to Slater who comes in a buries his boots in Kozlov's midsection before tagging Gabriel back in. Gabriel and Slater make constant tags, trading off working over Kozlov in the corner.

    Gabriel locks in a front chancery on Kozlov, while Santino cheers on in the background, but when Kozlov tries to fight out of it, Gabriel comes up with a knee to the chest, and a front headlock. Kozlov works to push Gabriel back towards friendly territory and Santino, reaching his hand out, but Slater comes in and takes Santino out, causing the distraction and allowing Kozlov to be dragged back toward the Nexus' corner. Slater tags in and catches Kozlov with a right hand before locking in a front headlock of his own. Kozlov continues to fight toward his corner, but he's held back by Slater. Kozlov fights out and connects with a clothesline which allows him to tag out to Santino. Santino comes in with a series of right hands, a splits to avoid a clothesline and a big clothesline. Santino teases the cobra, but the members of Nexus distract him, allowing Slater to hit a jumping neckbreaker. Slater pins Santino and gets the three count.

    Winners: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

    After the match, Nexus gathers in the ring to show off. The email alert goes off and Cole has an announcement from the General Manager. We're reminded that Nexus is banned from ringside for the WWE Title Match. It's announced that if any of them try to interfere in the main event then the entire group of Nexus will be suspended. Nexus leaves the ring as we get ready for the main event.

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    WWE Title Match: Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
    Special Referee: John Cena

    The bell rings, and we're finally ready to kick things off. Barrett and Orton lock up and push each other back and forth before Orton backs Barrett up into the corner. Orton breaks clean without and count from Cena. Another lock up and Orton locks in a side headlock. When he's pushed off he comes right back with a big shoulder block that takes Barrett off his feet. Orton takes Barrett off his feet again and back into another side headlock. Barrett gets out of it and back up to his feet, only to get another shoulder block for his efforts. Another lock up and Barrett backs Orton up into the corner and Cena still isn't counting for anything. Barrett kicks away at Orton in the corner, but Orton comes back with a kick of his own and follows it up with a big clothesline. Orton kicks Barrett in the chest and picks him up, hitting a huge European uppercut before continuing the assault in the corner. Cena pulls Orton off, and it allows Barrett to catch Orton with a big kick to the face.

    Barrett continues to work over Orton, slamming his head into the turnbuckle and working him over in the corner, and this time Cena pulls Barrett off, leaving Barrett open for a dropkick from Orton. Orton mounts Barrett and lays in with a series of lefts and rights before getting back to his feet and stomping away at Barrett. Orton drops a big knee before picking Barrett up and kicking him in the shoulder. Barrett rolls to the outside and Orton follows. Orton walks right into an assault by Barrett, who tosses him into the barricade before backing him up twice into the ring apron. Barrett then sends Orton shoulder first into the ring steps.

    Barrett rolls Orton back into the ring and tries for a cover but he only gets two. Barrett lays into Orton with a couple of rights and a big left that takes Orton off his feet. Another cover from Barrett and another two count. Barrett sends Orton from corner to corner hard, before stepping on Orton's neck and putting the pressure on. Barrett goes for another cover but this time only gets one. Barrett locks in a rear chin lock, but Orton is able to fight up to his feet pretty quickly. Orton fights out of the hold and ends up walking right into a high knee that takes him back down to the mat. Barrett lays in with a big kick and tries for another cover for another two count.

    Another rear chin lock from Barrett and Orton is able to fight to his feet again. Barrett wears him down though and brings him back down to one knee before Orton can break the hold. Orton fights up to his feet again and is able to break the hold with a big belly to back suplex.

    Barrett and Orton trade blows in the middle of the ring. Orton comes out on top with a big European uppercut, kick to the chest and series of clotheslines. Orton hits a snap powerslam before clotheslining Barrett over the top rope and out to the floor. When Orton follows he finds himself driven back first into the ring post. Barrett rolls Orton back into the ring, but when he follows, Orton kicks him in the head, knocking Barrett down to the apron. Orton tries to drag Barrett back into the ring but Barrett targets Orton's eye. Orton comes back with his signature backbreaker that's good for a two count. Orton charges Barrett in the corner but he runs right into a big boot. Barrett climbs up to the second rope and leaps off with a big elbow drop that's good for a two count.

    Barrett brings Orton back up to his feet and hits a big pumphandle slam, but he still can't get that three count. Barrett stares down Cena, but Cena stands his ground. Barrett tries for the Wasteland, but Orton fights out of it, only to be put right down with a sidewalk slam. It gets Barrett another two count, but he's not happy about it. Barrett argues with Cena and when he turns back to Orton, he catches a huge European uppercut. Orton hits his rope assisted DDT on Barrett and he tries for the RKO, but Barrett rolls out to the floor. Orton follows him to the outside and hits him with a big clothesline before rolling him back into the ring. Orton climbs back into the ring, but he's met with a kick to the head from Barrett. Barrett gets Orton up on his shoulders and connects with the Wasteland, but Orton is able to grab the rope and force Cena to stop the count at two.

    Barrett continues to argue with Cena, shoving him. Cena shoves Barrett right back and it turns him around right into an RKO. Orton pins Barrett, and this one is over.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    After the match, Orton takes the win and looks at Cena shocked. Cena just sits down in the ring looking disappointed. The rest of Nexus come down and attack Orton and Cena. Orton and Cena fight them off and clear the ring. Cena goes to ringside and gets the WWE Title, bringing it back in the ring. Cena hands the title to Orton and they hug. Orton's music hits and he poses on the ropes. Orton stares at Cena and makes his exit to the back, leaving Cena in the ring. Cena takes off his armbands and sets them in the ring. Cena turns and salutes the fans before leaving the ring. Cena goes and hugs Michael Cole goodbye. Cena also hugs Sign Guy at ringside and another fan it looked like he knew. Cena mouths "thank you" into the camera before walking up the ramp. Cena raises his hands up to the fans and for the most part they cheer. Cena just stands there before going into the crowd and showing love to the fans. Cena makes his way around the arena and back to the stage. He salutes the fans one more time before heading to the back. Survivor Series goes off the air.


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        Best part of the show was Dashing Cody Rhodes freaking out again while Kofi hit him in the face.


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          Originally posted by gladdyontherise View Post
          Best part of the show was Dashing Cody Rhodes freaking out again while Kofi hit him in the face.
          That was hilarious....
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