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Matt Hardy Debuts In TNA

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  • Matt Hardy Debuts In TNA

    I figured Matt Hardy was going to be Jeff Hardy's hand picked mystery opponent for Rob Van Dam. He beat RVD at tonight at Genesis. Lets hope he does better in TNA than he did in WWE.

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    ...and then Jeff calls him out to help him defend the title against Mister Anderson...

    sorry Matt.....when Jeff looks at you he sees "brother"....the rest of us look at you and see "Loser".

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      It kind of doesnt make sense. The whole TNA PPV was about Immortal winning all the titles. So Beer Money, Frankie Kazarian, and Abyss win titles, then Jeff loses his title? I wonder if Mr. Anderson is going to join Immortal now.


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        Well he only went because he knows how TNA pushes all the ex-WWE wrestlers..

        Unfortunatly for him the prestige of the TNA title = WWECW title
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          Oh also, Hardy showed last night that his 'promos' on working out and being in the best shape of his life was all a lie, he posted a picture 1 month or so after being released that he photo shopped, his stomach was flat and he had the makings of a six pack..last night he was skinnier, than at the end of his WWE run, but no muscle/six pack etc..

          i seriously cant imagine what its like to be a Hardy.
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          Dan LeFevour PC 193/283


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            How could they have Matt Hardy beat RVD. As heavy as I am, I could beat Matt Hardy.


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              Its TNA booking, what do you expect?