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WWE Raw Results - 1/10/11

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  • WWE Raw Results - 1/10/11

    WWE Raw Results
    January 10th, 2011

    The show kicks off with Santino's music filling the arena. The Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring accompanied by Tamina.

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Santino & Kozlov [c] v. ?

    Before the opponents can even enter, Nexus runs down to the ring and attacks the Champs. They are all sporting a new Nexus T-shirt which is emblazoned with Punk's fist holding on to a lightning bolt. After the slaughter, Punk grabs the mic. He says that the Tag Team match has been postponed to a later date. Ever since Nexus hit the scene, they have dominated. Now, they are even stronger. Punk tells the members of Nexus that they have the potential to be greater than any star in WWE history. Punk says that he has the tools to help them succeed. Punk says that unlike the former Nexus leader, Wade, he can actually accomplish things. Not to mention the fact that he injured Cena and put him out of action. Cena's days of hustle, loyalty and respect our over, but Punk's are just beginning. Punk says that tonight he will make the ultimate sacrifice by initiating himself as the new leader of the New Nexus.

    Punk says that each member of Nexus must prove to themselves, the group, and the worthless people in attendance, that they have what it takes to be a member of the New Nexus. If all members pass, then Nexus will be at the apex of its power. They will take over the WWE entirely. Otunga grabs the mic. He speaks on behalf of the other members when he says that they would be honored to be initiated tonight. Punk says that the honor will be his.

    Punk calls Michael McGillicutty up first. Nexus is famous for their group beat downs. Michael's initiation is to be on the receiving end of one of those Nexus beat downs. Punk calls up Husky as the leadoff hitter. Michael looks to be questioning whether or not the initiation is worth it, but Otunga strikes before Husky has the chance. Slater looks hesitant as the members of Nexus eye each other. Slater leaps and connects with a clothesline. It is Husky's turn as he hits a running Senton. Otunga and Harris drag Michael towards the corner. Gabriel scales the turnbuckle. He looks down as he takes in the situation and atmosphere. Justin leaps and connects with his devastating 450 splash. CM Punk then drops down to one knee. The four remaining members of Nexus lift Michael up off the mat and place him on Punk's shoulders! Punk stands to his feet and hits the GTS!

    The Nexus music hits and they begin to exit the ring. Punk pauses as the Nexus members scoop up Michael. He is carried from the ring over the shoulders of Nexus in a crucifix position as Punk leads the way. Michael is officially the first member of the New Nexus.

    R-Truth v. Alberto Del Rio

    The match starts off with a mild slap fight. Truth pushes Rio into the corner and mounts him. He begins a ten punch, but Rio knocks him down. Rio tries for a quick cover, but Truth kicks out. Truth is whipped into the ropes, but springs back with a hurricarana. He aims for a lariat, which sends both men spiraling out of the ring. The referee begins the ten count. They begin to brawl on the outside of the ring. Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer grabs a mic. He starts shouting "what's up" at R-Truth. This causes Truth to whirl around and pop him in the jaw. Del Rio slides back in the ring right before the ten count expires. Truth is counted out, and this match is over.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    After the match, Del Rio grabs the mic. He says that his destiny is to win the Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania. He says that that isn't important tonight, because tonight they are in Nashville, TN - a place renowned for its music. Rio calls their music and culture a joke. Especially that "awful country music". Rio says that he is from Mexico, a place with real music and culture. Rio says that he will now showcase some of that talent. He calls over Ricardo who performs one of the worst Mariachi musical interludes in the history of mankind.

    General Manager Alert. Michael Cole goes up to the podium to read it.

    Recently, Michael Cole has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism. I support Michael Cole in every conceviable way. Even though he is a pompous, arrogant, self centered jerk. Cole starts laughing and says just kidding. Michael Cole has done a great job, and is the epitome of manhood. We need more people like him. Michael is an award winning journalist and two time Slammy winner. Not to mention the fact that he is handsome. Ladies and gentlemen the highest honor that anyone can receive is to call themselves a Cole Miner.

    Jerry stands up and says that he has a message from the entire WWE Universe. And I quote... SHUT UP!

    Lawler gets to his feet and looks to punch Cole. Michael says that Lawler can't touch him because of the GM's orders. Lawler says that no one would ever call Cole handsome. What Cole is, is a coward.

    General Manager Alert

    Michael Cole is not a coward, and neither is Lawler. Tonight, The Miz & Alex Riley will take on Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton

    In the back, Punk is with the remaining members of Nexus. He calls up Husky as the next initiate. If Harris chooses, his initiation will be to take three lashings from each Nexus member. They proceed one at a time. When they finish, Punk tells them to hold Harris up on his feet. Punk has a leather strap for himself and brutally unloads on the back of Harris!

    Husky Harris is the second member to join the New Nexus

    Daniel Bryan w/ The Bella Twins & Mark Henry v. Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews & Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse

    Bryan and Ted start things off. Dibiase sends Bryan to the outside and distracts the ref. Tyson runs over to hit a cheap shot. Bryan is rolled back into the ring by Dibiase, and then Tyson is tagged into the ring. Kidd distracts the referee this time, as Ted stomps on Bryan. Ted gets the tag and kicks the US Champion in the gut. Ted cinches in a rear headlock. Bryan escapes by using his elbow and then charges at the ropes. Dibiase is floored by a lariat, and Henry gets the tag. Ted rolls to Kidd, and Tyson flies into the ring. Kidd is hit with a punch and is backed into a corner. Henry charges, but Kidd slides out of the way. Dibiase runs into the ring and helps hit a stereo dropkick with his partner on Henry. The World's Strongest Man stays on his feet and takes out his foes with a couple of clotheslines. Henry scoops up Kidd and hits The World's Strongest Slam. This match is over.

    Winners: Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry

    The Big Show comes down to the ring and he cuts a promo. First he announces that he will be taking out the newest member of the Smackdown roster, Wade Barrett, this week on Smackdown. Next, he explains how he will be winning the Royal Rumble this year.

    The Nexus music hits and CM Punk walks onto the entrance ramp surrounded by Slater, Justin Gabriel and David Otunga. David continues walking down to the ring. It appears that his initiation is to attack The Big Show. Otunga slaps him in the face, and then stands with his arms spread open, ready to take his punishment. Show kicks him in the gut, and then throws him out of the ring. On the outside, Show throws him over the commentator's booth, and then into the guardrail. Show rolls him back into the ring, and then connects with a chokeslam. Show isn't finished, as he grabs the arm of Otunga, glances at Punk, and then connects with a Knockout Punch. The Big Show's music hits. Punk, Slater and Gabriel raise their arms in the New Nexus salute.

    John Morrison v. Sheamus

    Sheamus gets the upper hand at the offset of the match as he is able to ground Morrison. Sheamus connects with a couple kicks to the gut and a lariat which sends Morrison to the mat. Sheamus locks on a nice western tourniquet. Morrison is trying to wriggle free off of his side. He escapes, and runs at the ropes. Morrison kicks Sheamus in the gut with his knee. He sets up Sheamus under the top turnbuckle. Morrison attempts Starship Pain, but Sheamus pushes him right over the ring post!

    Back from the commercial, Sheamus has Morrison's back draped over the apron. Sheamus connects with several hammering blows across John's chest. Sheamus rolls into the ring and tries for a cover. Morrison kicks out. Sheamus begins to toy with Morrison as he settles in with a modified chin lock. Morrison escapes, and knocks Sheamus back into the corner. He begins with a frenzied series of kicks. Sheamus is sent to the outside by Morrison who is still struggling with an injured arm. Morrison vaults out of the ring, but Sheamus plants his knee into the ribs of Morrison. Sheamus grabs him and drops him rib first on the steel steps before rolling him back in the ring.

    Sheamus is prepping for the Brogue kick as Morrison struggles to get to his feet. Sensing the charging Irishman, Morrison drops to the mat. This prevents the kick, but Sheamus nails him in the back instead. Morrison climbs the turnbuckle, but Sheamus is heading right for him. Sheamus looks to have a counter, but Morrison plants him onto the steel post! Morrison flies forward with his running knee, and this match is over!

    Winner: John Morrison

    CM Punk is in the back holding two kendo sticks. Punk says that Slater and Gabriel's initiation, if they choose to accept, is to beat each other with the Kendo sticks, until he tells them to stop. Gabriel and Slater are both holding their kendo sticks, but are hesitant. Punk tells them that they must do this to be in the New Nexus. He expects all his soldiers to hit homeruns. They still hesitate. Punk screams for them to DO IT! They both pause, and look at Punk. Contemplating their options, they are clearly thinking of striking Punk. The Straight Edge star laughs, and asks if they are going to hit him. Going farther, he tells them to do it. He holds out his arms and closes his eyes, repeating the command for them to hit him. They drop their kendo sticks and exit the room as Punk smiles.

    Shawn Michaels is announced as the first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2011

    The Heartbreak Kid's music hits... and Shawn Michaels comes out to greet the crowd!! Michaels makes his way into the ring and has a mic. The crowd starts a, "one more match" chant, but Michaels shakes his head. Before he can speak, Alberto Del Rio's music hits. He walks down to the ring with the mic. He says that these people used to cheer HBK, but now they cheer him. It's because they know that he is the present, and the future of the WWE. Rio again says that he'll win the Royal Rumble, and then go on to win a belt at Wrestlemania. After which, he'll become the NEW Mr. Wrestlemania. Del Rio has a huge smirk on his face as he looks at Shawn. HBK looks at Del Rio, and then hits him with Sweet Chin Music! Michaels holsters the mic and struts around the ring. He grabs Del Rio's scarf and puts it around his own neck. Michaels struts his way back out of the arena.

    The Miz is in the back looking very downtrodden. Alex Riley looks pumped up about their match tonight. Riley says that he is upset because despite all of the great things that he has done, the only thing that people are talking about is Randy Orton. The Miz says that people are treating it like a fact that Orton will win the Championship from him at the Royal Rumble. Miz says that people are not giving him the respect that he has earned and deserves. Miz says that tonight they will show that the only given is the fact that he'll be the Champion for a very long time.

    Michael Cole is in the ring. He says that they are about to be joined by John Cena. Before he can continue, CM Punk's voice is heard in the arena. Punk is standing on top of the Titantron! He says that tonight is the start of the New Nexus. His members have been willing to go through their initiations, and endure sacrifice. Punk says that he is about to undergo the greatest sacrifice. Punk says that this sacrifice will prove that he was a member of Nexus, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Punk asks the crowd, should he dive off the Tron? Break every bone? Tear every muscle? Punk holds his arms out in the crucifix position.

    Punk says that he has one more question. How gullible is the crowd? Punk picks up his shirt to show that he is harnessed. He says that he is being spotted by two guys. In fact, he is safer on top of the Tron than anyone is in the crowd. Punk asks, "what kind of idiot would jump off the Tron?"

    The Nexus music hits and Harris, Otunga & McGillicutty make their way down to the ring. Slater and Gabriel are not present as they did not go through with the initiation. Punk has a mic and says that anyone who actually thought he would jump off the Tron is stupid. Punk says that anyone who would jump off the Tron would be mentally unstable, and Punk is mentally superior. Punk doesn't need an initiation because he is the leader of the New Nexus. Punk says that Cena is not even here.

    Cena appears on the Tron, and is live via satellite. Cena mocks Punk. He says there was no need to give the Nexus a physical initiation because Cena has already taken them all out. Well, all except for one member. The new member. Cena has yet to take out CM Sucks. Punk says that he is not afraid of Cena. John counters by challenging him to a match next week on Raw! Punk accepts. Cena says that next week, Punk will be dealt with.

    The Miz & Alex Riley v. Jerry "The King" Lawler & Randy Orton

    Lawler and Riley kicks things off. Miz distracts him which allows Riley to get in a couple of shots. Now that Lawler is weakened, Miz tags himself into the match. Miz gets in a kick, but Lawler connects with a devastating punch. Lawler mounts him and hits a series of right arms. Lawler takes him out of the ring and bangs the head of Miz over the announce booth. Back in the ring, Lawler tags in Orton as Miz tags in Riley.

    Orton throws him into the corner, but has a overhead throw countered. Riley tags in The Miz. Orton is quick to capitalize and drops Miz to the mat. He stomps across his face, and then hits a strong kick to the gut. Lawler gets the tag. Lawler relies on his fists to do the talking. He even taunts Miz into standing up, just to knock him back down. The referee backs Lawler off of Miz, which allows Miz to charge forward and achieve a full frontal mount. After a series of punches, the ref pulls him free. Miz locks on a rear choke. Lawler is sent into the corner, and is hit with Miz's signature splash.

    Back from the break, Alex Riley charges at Lawler with a shoulder block. Lawler dodges, and Riley flies into the steel post shoulder first. Lawler and Riley are both on their backs, struggling to make the tag. Riley tags in Miz, but Lawler's tag is not seen by the ref. Miz begins to attack Lawler and goes for his finisher. As the ref's back is turned, Orton slithers into the ring and hits an RKO! Miz is covered by Lawler, but Riley makes the save. Miz tags in Riley. Orton grabs Riley and hits the suspended DDT. He stares down Miz who is standing on the apron. Orton tags in Lawler, and then heads over to continue staring down The Miz, just daring him to enter the ring. Lawler climbs to the second rope, and connects with his flying fist drop! This match is over!

    Winners: Jerry "The King" Lawler & Randy Orton

    End of show.

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    Am I the only one who felt like this entire show made no sense at all?

    A.) What was the point of Nexus beating up the Tag Team Champs AGAIN? Hasn't Nexus already done that like.....4 times?

    B.) Why are we still seeing Lawler wrestle the Miz? Haven't we already seen that like.....4 times?

    C.) What was the point of Sheamus and JoMo fighting again? Haven't we already seen that like.....4 times?

    D.) What was the point of the whole Nexus initiation? Haven't we already seen that with Barrett?

    E.) So what...Slater and Gabriel are out of Nexus?

    F.) What was the point of giving HBK a mic if you weren't gonna let him say a single word?

    If HBK wasn't on, this would've probably been the worst RAW in history. None of the show made ANY sense at all.

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      Raw wasnt that good today, they only had 4 matches. Smackdown last Friday was superior to this Raw and they have a weaker roster.

      I agree on the Tag Team comment. Shows that they really dont care about the Tag Team Titles.

      I have no clue why they have Lawler constantly wrestling Miz. It doesnt make Miz look good.

      Again lol the same match. Maybe the writers took the night off.

      New leader new rules I guess.

      I think Slater and Gabriel will move to Smackdown now to be with Barrett.

      At least HBK was on Raw, but it made no sense for Alberto to interupt him. Its not like Shawn is going to wrestle him at Wrestlemania.


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        Cm Punk and Shawn Michaels saved this awful show..Punk is a genious on the mic
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