TNA Impact Results
January 13th, 2011

Impact opens up with Kurt Angle talking about Jarrett setting him up at Genesis and Angle talking about hoping to get another shot at Jarrett. Footage of Anderson winning the #1 Contenders Match and then ultimately beating Hardy for the belt shocking everyone with Anderson giving comments about winning it. Morgan says that he wants Anderson to give him the first title shot. Anderson points at the title belt and says "THIS" is not the TNA World Title and he says it's a piece of crap that Jeff Hardy drew. He says he could probably take a squat on a piece of paper and it look better than that.

Back to the arena the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Anderson, makes his way out to the ring. Anderson says he busted his butt for 6 1/2 years on the Independent scene eating PB&J and Raman Noodles so he could secure a job with a major wrestling company and he did. He mentions he got hired "over there" and he says at first he had a "rocket ship" up his butt and he beat 10 former World Champions in a short period of time. He says he was destined to be the next World Heavyweight Champion, but then "a little birdy" got inside the bosses head. Anderson mocks what sounds like a Triple-H impression and says that person thought he wasn't ready. He says he was told not to be himself and not to do his whole thing. He says he was told how to dress, act, and walk to the ring and even told not to chew gum to the ring. Anderson fast forwards to a phone call that he got from Eric Bischoff last year wanting to bring him into TNA. He says he promised to let Anderson be himself and he says they allowed him to be the wrestler that he is today. He says he COULD have done it without the fans but he has to thank them anyway. Anderson says he has one more person to thank and asks Matt Morgan to come out.

Morgan comes out to the ring, dressed to fight. Anderson says that he and Morgan obviously haven't always seen eye to eye but Morgan stepped up for him when the chips are down and for that he thanks Morgan. Morgan says the only reason Anderson is wearing that Title right now is because he let himself down at Genesis. Morgan says he hasn't been able to eat or sleep since wondering about when he'll get another shot. He says he's not taking his eyes off that title no matter who has it because like Anderson, for the past 9 years he's been busting his butt to do whatever he can do to go down in history as the best Giant in the history of wrestling and without that Title Belt he can't have that. Morgan says he is coming for that title and he says 2011 is the "Year of the Blueprint." Morgan then says tonight is Anderson's night and after Genesis he can say one thing for sure and that's congratulations and Anderson earned every ounce of that belt. He shakes Anderson's hand and then leaves.

Anderson celebrates on the corner raising the belt up. Eric Bischoff's music then hits and Bischoff walks out to the ring. Tenay points out that it was Immortal's greed to get all the titles that eventually caused them to lose the most important one. Anderson gets in Bischoff's face as he asks Anderson who in the hell he thinks he is. Bischoff says no one gives a damn about Anderson's back story and the only thing he got right in that little story is that the only reason he's in TNA is because of he and Hogan. He says otherwise Anderson would be back in Green Bay picking up trash. Bischoff says the only thing Anderson accomplished was putting a bulls eye on his back because if he thinks he, Hogan, and Flair will put up with Anderson as the Champion then he's out of his mind. Bischoff tells Anderson that their done with him and tells him to mark February 3rd, 2011 down on his calendar because that night on Impact 2 big things will happen. #1 Anderson will put his belt on the line in a rematch against Jeff Hardy and #2 Hogan will get out from underneath all this legal stuff and he'll be back on Impact. Anderson asks if he's done yet and then screams at Bischoff and asks if he wants to try and intimated him but then Jeff Hardy on the big screen cuts him off.

Hardy says Anderson was NOT the better man at Genesis and the "family" just made a mistake. He says in 3 weeks his belt will be back where it belongs. Hardy then turns his head and RVD punches him in the mouth! RVD tosses him into the TNA set and starts beating the hell out of him. Matt Hardy comes out from nowhere and attacks RVD. The Hardyz double team RVD as Anderson runs to the back. Anderson nails Jeff with the title belt and RVD gets the advantage on Matt. Anderson slams Jeff into the stage and then out of nowhere the rest of Immortal and Fortune come in and jump Anderson & RVD! They beat the hell out of RVD & Anderson as the injured AJ Styles and Ric Flair look on and talk trash. AJ takes a shot at RVD as Terry holds him up and they leave Anderson & RVD laid out in the back.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Beer Money Inc. (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns hit the match and the two teams go at it right off the bat. Roode and Storm whip The Guns into separate corners and then they charge at the them but both move out of the way. Sabin hits a Running Clothesline on Roode in one corner and Shelley hits one on Storm in the other corner! Shelley then nails Roode in a corner with a clothesline and Sabin hits Storm with one in the opposite corner. They then toss Beer Money out of the ring and play to the crowd. Sabin springboards over the top rope onto Storm with a Plancha while Shelley hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Roode at the same time! In the ring Shelley puts Storm in a wristlock and then tags in Sabin. The Guns whip Storm into the ropes and then Shelley hits an Atomic Drop and Sabin comes off the ropes with a Sliding Dropkick to Storm's legs. Shelley then holds Storm's head up into the air as Sabin sets up for another Sliding Dropkick but Roode drips him from the outside. Shelley then hits a Sliding Dropkick under the ropes onto Roode on the floor. Back in the ring Shelley ducks a clothesline from Storm and then hits the ropes but eats a Flying Knee as he comes off. Storm kicks Shelley out of the ring and then lights Sabin up with a big uppercut. Storm kicks Sabin in the back and tags in Roode. Roode punches Sabin in the gut as Storm holds him and then he throws Sabin into the corner. Roode nails Sabin with chops and then he whips Sabin into the opposite corner hard and then covers him for a nearfall. Storm tags back in and Beer Money whip him into the ropes and hit a Double Shoulder Block. Storm then follows up with a Knee Drop on Sabin followed by a Knee Drop from Roode. 1...2...Sabin kicks out. Roode stomps on Sabin's hand as he reached out for a tag and then tags Storm back in. Storm locks Sabin in a Rear Chinlock but Sabin fights to his feet and breaks the hold with strikes. Sabin bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Roode but then both men collide with Cross Body Blocks taking both out. Roode and Shelley tag into the match. Shelley lights Beer Money up with chops and punches and forearms. Shelley then goes for Sliced Bread on Storm but he shoves Shelley into the corner. Storm then charges after him but Shelley moves out of the way and then Roode charges but Shelley gets his boot up. Shelley hooks Storm's head hits a Bulldog on him while clotheslining Roode at the same time! Shelley climbs to the top rope but Storm cuts him off. Shelley blocks Storm's punch and nails him with a series of punches of his own knocking Storm off the apron. Sabin then comes from out of nowhere with a disgusting running kick to the head of Storm off the apron! Roode climbs up top with Shelley but Shelley shoves him off and then hits the Diving Double Foot Stomp! 1...2...NO Roode kicks out! Shelley is selling the leg like he tweaked the knee or something. He picks Roode up but then Storm comes in and Shelley punches him. Shelley shoves Roode into the corner and then whips Storm into him. Shelley then whips Sabin into a Flying Forearm on Beer Money in the corner, and then Shelley dives off of Sabin's back with a Flying Forearm on Beer Money! Sabin then dives off the back of Shelley with a Flying Back Elbow to Beer Money. Sabin tosses Storm out of the ring and then The Guns sandwich Roode in the corner with a Mafia Kick/Leaping Enziguri combo! They set up for Skull & Bones and hit it! 1...2...NO Storm shoves Sabin into Shelley to break up the pin! Storm backdrops Sabin over the top rope to the apron and then kicks Sabin as he went for a shoulder block through the ropes. Storm then hangs Sabin up in the ropes and hits a Hanging Spike DDT! Roode climbs up top and sets up for something but Shelley cuts him off with a right hand. Shelley then climbs up top with him for a Superplex but Storm cuts him off. Storm pulls Shelley off the top for Eye of the Storm but Shelley lands on his feet! Storm kicks Shelley in the gut as he lands on his feet and then connects with the 8 Second Ride! Roode dives off the top with a Big Splash! 1...2...NO Shelley still kicks out! Beer Money grabs Shelley and they go for the DWI but Shelley kicks Storm away and then Roode hooks Shelley in a Waistlock. Storm sees Sabin up on the apron and charges at him but Sabin drops down and pulls the top rope down as well causing Storm's momentum to send him flying over the top and crashing to the floor. Shelley then counters Roode in the ring and holds him in place as Sabin dives off the top with a Springboard Missile Dropkick into the Flatliner from Shelley! The Guns hit Roode with a series of nasty kicks and then Storm comes from out of nowhere with a Last Call attempt on Shelley! Shelley ducks and then goes for a Superkick of his own on Storm but Storm ducks and Shelley nails Sabin! Beer Money then hit Shelley with the DWI! 1...2...3!

Winners: Beer Money

Back from commercials RVD and Anderson complain about being attacked by Immortal. Anderson says they have to stop waiting around for them to come to them. Anderson says they'll take them out one by one and then find a couple of weapons to go after Immortal with.

The Pope's music hits and Dinero makes his way out to the ring. Pope says there's been some things that have went on over the past few weeks with Samoa Joe following him around when he was doing "good will" and making a difference in his community. Pope says he's gone lead by example and he says it doesn't matter what Joe did, he forgives him. Pope says he has no issue with Joe but what he wants to know right now is would Joe be so forgiving to him if Pope was following Joe around on his own time with a camera. Pope says he did, he has footage of Joe and his wife on their own time and then shows a picture of a pig with another pig on the big screen. Pope mockingly asks Joe how it feels to know that Pope was watching him and his wife on their own time. Pope then says that he knows that Joe and his wife just had a child and he took it upon himself to follow his wife and then he shows a clip of a baby pig. Pope says he's a "forgiving Pope" but wants to know if Joe is a forgiving Joe? Pope asks if Joe can forgive him and Joe's music cuts him off.

Joe doesn't look very pleased as he walks out to the ring. Pope sarcastically asks if Joe forgives him and then bails out of the ring as Joe climbs in. Joe picks up the microphone and says Pope may have jokes but the funniest thing to him is for a man that says he's "pimping" he sure does run like a woman. Joe says instead of chasing Pope around this arena and giving him the beating he deserves, he'll leave him with a promise. Joe says at some point, when Pope least expects it, he will get his hands on Pope and he promises "Joe is gonna' kill you!"

In the back RVD and Anderson walk to the Immortal locker room and open it up and walk in as Beer Money are celebrating their win. They close the door and then we hear a bunch of stuff being slammed around and screaming. The door opens and Anderson says someone will have to call a maid and then they close the door and walk off.

Back from commercials Flair and Bischoff are with AJ Styles. Bischoff says he just got off the phone with Hogan and he says that Hogan is pissed and says they HAVE to get the belt off of Anderson on the 3rd. AJ wants to "soften" up Anderson but Flair stops him and says they need AJ to heal because they need him at 120%. AJ says he can get the job done injured and all. Flair tells him his assignment is to get well. Bischoff says he wants to be able to call Hulk back and tell him they have a plan to get this done and Flair promises they will. They walk into the Immortal locker room and find Beer Money laid out. They tell them that RVD & Anderson did it and Flair is livid. Flair says if it's a war they want, then they got it and then slams the door.

We cut to the back where Jeff Jarrett says no one was supposed to get hurt at Genesis but Angle tried to hurt him during the match so he hurt Angle. Jarrett says tonight he's going to hang up his MMA boots "undefeated" and he'll have his lovely bride in the house for it. He asks Karen not to lose her temper tonight and she says she's as cool as a cucumber. We cut to Kurt Angle who says he heard his ex-wife is in the building and he says they have a little "catching up" to do.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring with his entourage but no Karen. Jarrett says tonight they will celebrate the career of an undefeated MMA fighter and he says he's never even been taken down in one of his "fights" or even come close to being submitted. Jarrett says he made an example of Kurt Angle at Genesis but he says he could have permanently injured Kurt but he didn't. Jeff says he now has nothing left to prove so in closing he has one thing left to say. He says behind every great warrior there is a great woman. He then welcomes Karen Jarrett out to the ring.

Instead of Karen walking out it's her ex-husband Kurt! Kurt Angle takes out Jarrett's entourage on the ramp and then gets in the ring and takes out Gunner & Murphy with German Suplexes pretty quick. He then goes face to face with Jeff Jarrett but before anything can happen we here Karen screaming at Kurt to stop. She distracts Kurt as Jeff bails out of the ring. Karen says that she's sat at home while Kurt has played games with their lives for the past 2 years. Kurt turns around and Karen screams at him not to turn his back on her. Karen says he will not steal the joy from her and Jeff's lives for one more day and next week in that ring the entire world will hear what she has to say, her side of the story. Karen says it's going to be a night he'll never forget.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Angelina Love & Winter (c) vs. Madison Rayne & Tara

In the back Velvet argues with Angelina about Winter and Angelina says she can't explain it to Velvet because she doesn't understand it either. Angelina and Madison start the match off and lockup with Angelina quickly rolling Madison up for a quick nearfall. Angelina rolls Madison up again and again gets a nearfall. Madison comes back with a knee to the gut and then she whips Angelina into the ropes and goes for a Hip Toss, but Angelina blocks it and reverses into a Fireman's Carry Slam for another nearfall. Madison talks trash to Angelina and then tries to kick her but Angelina catches her foot and then nails Madison with a Jawbreaker and then a clothesline followed by a spinning heel kick. Madison grabs the referee and complains allowing Tara to grab Angelina by the hair and slam her to the mat. Tara tags in and then she and Madison choke Angelina. Madison loads up the glove again as the referee is holding Winter back from getting into the ring. Tara holds Angelina up but then Mickie James runs down and pulls Madison out of the ring. She lays Madison out and then nails Tara with a big right hand as Tara leaned out of the ring to grab Mickie. Mickie pulls the glove off of Madison and then chases her to the back. Back in the ring Angelina ducks a shot from Tara with the elbow and hits the Botox Injection! Angelina tags in Winter and Winter climbs up top and hits a Flying Axe Handle Drop. Winter starts yanking on the hair of Tara and punching her and then locks in a Crossface to choke Tara out.

Winners: Angelina Love & Winter

In the back Matt Hardy talks about wanting to make money and power. Jeff says they are brothers and he says he's still the real World Champ. Matt Hardy says their bloodline is Immortal.

Non-Title Match
"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan vs. "The Monster" Abyss w/Ric Flair

Morgan runs down to the ring and starts trading shots with Abyss. Abyss cuts Morgan off with a knee to the gut and then he hits the ropes but eats a clothesline from Morgan. Morgan shoves Abyss into the corner and then charges but Abyss gets his boot up. Morgan catches the foot and then nails Abyss with an uppercut followed by a series of right hands. Morgan then nails Abyss with the repeated Back Elbows followed by a series of headbutts. Morgan puts the boots to Abyss in the corner and then he sets up for Carbon Footprint but Flair grabs his boot. Abyss then attacks him from behind and lays into Morgan with right hands. Abyss chokes Morgan and then goes for a Corner Splash but Morgan nails him with a back elbow. Morgan comes out of the corner but eats a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss chokes Morgan on the mat and then he chokes Morgan on the ropes as Flair looks on. Abyss argues with the referee allowing Flair to hit Morgan with a cheap shot. Abyss picks Morgan up and hits the ropes but eats a Discus Clothesline from Morgan! Morgan follows up with a Corner Splash and then he whips Abyss into the opposite corner and nails him with another running Splash. Morgan goes for a clothesline but Abyss catches him by the throat. He goes for a Chokeslam but Morgan blocks it with back elbows to the side of the head and then he ducks a clothesline and hits the Carbon Footprint! Flair tries to pull the referee out but Morgan grabs Hebner and pulls him back in! 1...2...3!

Winner: Matt Morgan

Flair pokes Morgan in the eyes after the match and then climbs up top, but Morgan grabs him by the throat. Rob Terry runs out and attacks Morgan. Flair then low blows Morgan and the three of them beat on Morgan.

In the back Little Red attacks Abyss from behind and wraps something around Abyss' throat! He says his name is CRIMSON and says he's only a messenger. He says he wants Abyss to go back to Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair and tell them that they were 100% right. He says February 3rd WILL be a very special night because THEY are coming for each and every member of Immortal. He tells Abyss to go tell them.

We cut to Abyss walking into the Immortal locker room to tell them what just happened. Bischoff tries to brush him off, saying their busy and he steps to the side as Bischoff talks to the troops. Bischoff says on February 3rd they will take back control but it all starts tonight and he tells the Hardyz to take RVD & Anderson apart. Abyss then comes to Eric again and tells him about what just happened. Flair says "they" are here now, Immortal and Bischoff says he's just having a flashback. Abyss can't get them to understand what just happened and they just kind of ignore him.

Hardy Boyz vs. "Whole F'N Show" Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson

The Hardyz and RVD/Anderson begin fighting on the ramp as the Hardyz come out. RVD rolls Matt into the ring as Jeff & Anderson brawl at ringside. RVD beats on Matt in the corner. RVD hits Matt with a Running Spinning Heel Kick in the corner and then another one to the back as he stumbles out of the corner. Anderson stomps on Matt now and it finally breaks down to an actual match as RVD and Matt will start the match off. Matt grabs RVD by the head and throws him into the corner and beats on him and then taunts Anderson but that allows RVD to come back with strikes. RVD whips Matt into the corner and then hits the Rolling Monkey Flip. RVD then tags in Anderson and he kicks Matt and then he whips Matt into the corner. Anderson hits a Corner Splash and covers him for a nearfall before Jeff breaks it up. Anderson attempts to whip Matt into the ropes but Matt reverses it and then hits a back elbow and then tags Jeff Hardy in. Jeff beats on Anderson opening up that cut from earlier even more and then he locks side headlock. Anderson gets to the ropes and shoves Hardy into the ropes and RVD blind tags Anderson on the back. Hardy sees RVD come in and tags Matt in. RVD tries to follow Jeff out but Matt comes in and starts beating on RVD. Matt hits a Sleeper Side Slam and then climbs up top. Matt goes for a Moonsault but RVD moves out of the way! RVD then hits the Split Legged Moonsault. Jeff pulls Matt out of the ring before RVD can cover him so RVD dives over the top with a Plancha onto both Hardyz!

Back from commercials RVD is beating on Matt in the corner and then he attempts to whip Matt into the opposite corner but Matt reverses it. Matt charges at RVD but Van Dam gets his boot up and then climbs up top. Matt then grabs RVD's legs and slams him down to the mat by the legs. Matt covers Van Dam and gets a nearfall. Matt tags Jeff in and he beats on Van Dam some more and puts the boots to him. Jeff hits a Front Sitout Suplex for a nearfall before Anderson broke it up. Jeff tags Matt back in and the Hardyz beat on RVD in the heel corner. Matt slams RVD's back into the turnbuckles and RVD tries to fight back but eats a Side Effect from Matt for a nearfall. RVD tries to get to his corner but Matt holds onto him with a waist lock and then rolls him up for another nearfall. RVD fights to his feet and fights off the hold with back elbows and then a nasty knee to the head! Both men are down now and RVD tags Anderson in and Matt tags in Jeff. Anderson nails Jeff with a clothesline and then a back elbow followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1...2...NO Jeff kicks out! Anderson follows up with the Mic Check! 1...2...NO Matt breaks it up! Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Anderson shoves him into the referee. Matt holds onto the referee before he hits him though. Anderson charges at Matt but Matt moves and Anderson nails the referee by accident sending him flying out of the ring. RVD hits a Flying Back Kick off the top on Matt followed by the Mic Check from Anderson! There's no referee to make the count though as RVD drags Jeff in and starts beating on him. Beer Money runs down and attacks RVD & Anderson. They toss RVD out of the ring and then double team Anderson. Roode catapults Anderson into the DDT from Storm! Storm then climbs out and hits the Last Call on RVD! Roode rolls the referee back in as the Hardy Boyz act like they just did this to Anderson. Matt then hits the Twist of Fate on Anderson and Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb off the top. 1....2...3.

Winners: Hardy Boyz

The Hardyz and Beer Money continue beating on RVD as the rest of Immortal walk out to help. The beat down the babyfaces as Eric Bischoff smiles and looks on from the ramp. Immortal celebrates as Impact goes off the air.