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TNA Impact Results - 2/3/11

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  • TNA Impact Results - 2/3/11

    TNA Impact Results
    February 3rd, 2011

    Impact opens up with Robert Roode during the tour of Europe looking into the camera and daring Scott Steiner to "sneak attack" them again. James Storm says Steiner is a "has been" and he says the next time that he runs into Fortune, they'll be ready. Hardy in Berlin says today is his day of reckoning because today his title comes back to him. Hardy talks about the title belt, saying it was a gift from Hulk Hogan. Dixie Carter says there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that's going to surprise a lot of people.

    We cut to the ring where Eric Bischoff is standing with Immortal. Bischoff says they sent Scott Steiner a special invitation to come down to the ring so he wants him out there now. Steiner's music hits and "Big Poppa Pump" makes his way out. Steiner is dressed in the Main Event Mafia suit and he makes his way into the ring. Bischoff says that he and Steiner have known each other way too long but he's all about business. He says he'll forget everything that happened last week and he says a lot has happened in the past 10 days. Bischoff says some of it he's not happy to talk about. He says that he just found out that Dixie Carter's lawyers got her a continuance in their case which, as a result, causes Hulk Hogan to still be barred from TNA so he won't be hear tonight. He then says that's the bad news but the good news, at least from their point of view, despite the fact that Steiner and Angle have tried to scare them by saying "They" is coming. Bischoff says Kevin Nash called him and Bischoff told him to do right by his family and "look how old you are." He told Nash to look at Immortal and go take the money and die his hair and ride off in the sunset at the other place. Bischoff says Sting "ain't coming back so forget about it." Bischoff asks what the hell Booker is doing anyway and then says "who cares anyway." Bischoff says Steiner is staring at the future of the business in the ring and right now instead of Steiner being a follower like he's always been he needs to be a man and not ride anyone's coattails. He then says he needs to join Immortal completely contradicting himself. He offers his hand to Steiner.

    Steiner grabs a microphone and asks if that's his choice. Bischoff says yes, door #1 join Immortal and door #2 "get your butt kicked." Steiner suggests door #3 which is when he sticks his foot up Bischoff's butt. Steiner says he's right about one thing, they've known each other for a long time. Steiner says the first time he met Bischoff he said to himself: "damn, you're a real piece of crap." Steiner says all these years later not a thing has changed and if he thinks he knows who "they" are then he's making a mistake. Steiner says Bischoff doesn't really know him because if he did he would address Steiner with "yes sir" and "no sir." Steiner says he is a man and he's more of a man than any of these guys in the ring with him combined. Steiner says Bischoff has a choice now, he can say "yes sir and no sir" to him or he can have his neck broken. Kurt Angle's music hits!

    Angle comes out alongside Crimson, both wearing suits as well. Angle says Steiner is right, Bischoff is a piece of crap. He says he heard every word Bischoff said and "they" are here. Bischoff asks who as Steiner walks over to Crimson & Angle and Angle says "oh it's's damn real!"

    In the back Jeff Hardy is pissed at Bischoff. He says Hulk Hogan was supposed to be here tonight but Bischoff promises that Hogan will be back and then he promises that Hardy will get his belt back. Bischoff then asks where the hell Flair is. No one knows where he's at. Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner walk up and Angle says it looks like someone's panicking right now. Angle screams "they're here Eric" at them as security gets between them and Immortal.

    Ink, Inc. vs. Gunner & Murphy

    Gunner & Murphy hit the ring and start brawling with Ink, Inc. Gunner beats on Moore in one corner and Murphy beats on Neal in the other corner. Gunner then tosses More out of the ring and then Murphy whips Jesse Neal into a back elbow from Gunner. Murphy beats down Neal in the corner and then he throws Neal into the heel corner and tags Gunner in. Gunner beats on Neal and then tags Murphy back in. Murphy locks Neal in an arm lock but Neal fights it with body shots and then a headbutt. Neal hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Murphy. Murphy tags in Gunner and Gunner stomps on Neal's arm before picking him up and putting a knee in Neal's gut. Gunner then locks in a side headlock on Neal, but Neal fights up to his feet and breaks the hold with a Jawbreaker. Gunner stumbles into his corner and tags Murphy back in but Neal tags Moore in as well! Moore ducks a clothesline and then knocks Gunner off the apron. He then dropkicks the knee of Murphy and starts leg kicking him over and over. Moore tries to whip Murphy into the corner but Murphy reverses it. He then charges at Moore but he gets his feet up. Moore climbs up top and hits a Moonsault off the top! 1...2...NO Gunner breaks it up! Gunner then holds Moore and Murphy goes for a Big Boot, but Moore moves out of the way and he nails Gunner! Neal back in now and he kicks Murphy and then lifts him up in the air! Moore dives off the top with the Mooregasm/Samoan Drop! 1...2...3!

    Winners: Ink, Inc.

    In the back Angle is talking to Steiner & Crimson. He asks if "they" touched base yet but Crimson says they haven't. Someone calls Angle's phone and he answers it and asks whoever is on the line if they're "still good" and it sounds like they are. Angle, Steiner, & Crimson walk off to talk about the gameplan.

    Back from commercials we cut to Christy Hemme "earlier today" from Dallas, Texas in front of the courthouse. Christy says the judge issued a continuance to the case until March 3rd when he will render a decision on the case. Taz and Tenay talk about "they" but then Eric Young walks up to them and he says he heard a conversation earlier in the back and he saw "they"! Taz asks who it was but Young says he can't tell him that because he might tell someone else and then he'd have to kill them both. Young says if Kurt knew that he came out there and told them then he'd kill him and that's why he came out "off air." He runs off and Tenay asks why Young was talking into the microphone if he thought they were off air.

    We cut to Jeff and Karen Jarrett from their home in Hendersonville, Tennessee where they will do a sitdown style interview. Jarrett says when Karen came to work for TNA many years ago he only saw her as an employee but cupid shot an arrow at him. Karen talks about being with Kurt Angle for 12 years but she was alone that whole time. She says now she has someone who actually loves her. In between comments from both Karen shows us around her house. She points out a picture of Jeff hitting Kurt with a guitar. Jeff and Karen's kids run into the room and the girls say their favorite picture is a picture that they show that had Dixie in it. Jeff says they know better than that to not say that name in their house and he forces them to apologize.

    Back from commercials Bully Ray and Pope are in the ring together. Ray tells Pope that it's great to finally have a partner that he can depend on in a match. Ray says a couple of weeks ago it felt so good to slide Devon's head in between a chair and take his chain and bash Devon's brains in. Rays says maybe finally Devon will realize Ray was 3D and Devon was a sidekick that did what Ray told him to do and got his tables. He says that he has a new brother, Pope, and he is bigger, badder, rougher, and tougher than Devon, but most importantly Pope isn't weak like Devon was. Pope tells the fans that Devon is an afterthought right now. Pope says he was just informed not too long ago that Samoa Joe has determined by going to management that he would meet Pope in the ring at Against All Odds. Pope says they could have sat across from a table to one another and talked this thing over like true men do, but now Joe decided to go behind his back there will be no place for him to run and escape Pope. He says he will "reign down with great vengeance" upon Joe and he will expose Joe for what he truly is, a "Sloppy Joe."

    Samoa Joe's music hits and he and Devon hit the ring and go after Pope & Ray!

    Brother Devon & "Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. Bully Ray & "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

    Joe goes after Pope as Ray beats on Devon in a corner, but Pope takes off. Joe chases him to the ramp and Pope begs him off. Pope picks up a chain and threatens to hit Joe with it as someone walks out of the tunnel. Pope turns around to leave and sees it's Okada. Pope takes off and goes around the stage to avoid Okada with Joe in pursuit. In the ring Ray has his chain out now and he wraps it around his arm as a referee makes his way out. Ray charges at Devon but Devon nails him with a series of clothesline and right hands. Devon beats on Ray all around the ring and then he throws Ray over the top rope as Tenay says they'll face off in a Street Fight at AAO. Devon throws Ray into the guardrail and then he grabs a steel chair and blasts Ray with it! Devon tosses Ray into the ring steps and then he beats on him at ringside. Devon nails Ray with a Running Shoulder Block on the ramp and continues to beat the heck out of him! Finally the referee calls for security to come out and break the fight up.

    Winner: No Contest

    They pull Devon off of Ray but Ray looks over and sees two guys at ringside. He grabs a cup and tosses the drink into one of the kids and then spits on the other. He shoves the two guys as Tenay says those are Devon's 2 sons. Devon runs over to Ray and Ray runs to the back and Devon checks on his kids. Devon turns around and starts yelling at security and shoving them.

    X-Division #1 Contenders Qualifying Triple Threat
    Jeremy Buck vs. Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal

    Max Buck is at the announce table for this match. Jeremy mocks Williams and gets pie faced for his troubles. Jeremy then pokes Williams in the eyes and then swings at Lethal, but he ducks and then locks Jeremy in a Waistlock. Williams attempts to Clothesline Jeremy but he ducks and Williams nails Lethal. Jeremy goes for a German Suplex on Williams but he reverses it and then quickly goes for Chaos Theory. Jeremy blocks it and then nails Williams with a back elbow. Jeremy attempts to whip Williams into the corner but Williams reverses it and then hits him with a Running Knee. Williams then hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall before Lethal broke it up. Lethal goes for Lethal Combination but Williams blocks it. Lethal then shoves Williams into the ropes where Jeremy pulls the top rope down and Williams goes flying over the top to the floor. Lethal then charges at Jeremy but Jeremy kicks him in the face. Then, in one fluid motion he jumps through the ropes to the apron and hits a Standing Moonsault off the apron onto Williams on the floor! Lethal then hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Jeremy on the floor! Lethal tosses Jeremy back in and hits an insane Springboard Spinning Enziguri! 1...2...NO Jeremy grabs the bottom rope. Lethal goes for a Back Suplex but Jeremy blocks it and then hits a Jawbreaker. Jeremy sets up for a DDT but Williams comes in and grabs Jeremy and hits a Russian Legsweep on him which causes Jeremy to DDT Lethal at the same time! Williams covers Jeremy and gets a nearfall. He then covers Lethal and gets another nearfall. Williams slams Jeremy into the corner repeatedly and then he nails Lethal with a European Uppercut. This allows Jeremy to catch his breath and then catch Williams with a couple of knees, but Williams cuts him off and nails him with a series of European Uppercuts and Headbutts. Williams puts Jeremy up on the top rope and then he kicks Lethal. Williams climbs up top with Jeremy and Max says he has to go to ringside because Jeremy's shoes untied and he needs to tell him. Lethal goes over to the corner where Jeremy & Williams are fighting on the top rope. TOWER OF DOOM! Lethal Powerbombs both Williams & Jeremy off the top! Lethal covers Williams, 1...2...NO Williams kicks out as Max talks to Jeremy on the outside. Lethal picks Williams up but Williams rolls him up with an Inside Cradle! 1...2...NO Lethal kicks out! Lethal and Williams trade right hands in the ring repeatedly but Lthal gets the advantage with a ton of strikes. He then attempts to whip Williams into the ropes but Williams reverses it! Lethal bounces off the ropes with the Handspring Back Elbow attempt, but Williams catches him and hit's the Chaos Theory! Max Buck gets up on the apron and distracts the referee as Jeremy slides in and kicks Williams down low! Jeremy covers Lethal, 1...2...3!

    Winner: Jeremy Buck

    In the back Bischoff talks to Ric Flair's attorney, trying to figure out where he is. Storm says last time he saw him they were drinking in some club in London. Roode tells him to relax and then he says they don't even know if Kurt Angle is telling the truth. He says Angle has nobody and says it's just head games, but even if "they" do show up they better bring an army because Immortal is the strongest faction in wrestling. He tells Storm to give him a beer but he's out. Bischoff asks AJ to make sure that Jeff wins his belt back. AJ says tonight it ends and he says he nor Fortune will take a backseat to anyone ever again. He says he'll take care of it and he says they are in the drivers seat. Bischoff tells him to make sure that they drive home with the belt.

    In the back Sarita talks about her Taped Fist Match with Mickie. She says she's going to knock Mickie out and then she says she has a surprise for everyone because next week her cousin, Rosita, debuts.

    Mr. Anderson's music hits and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring. Anderson asks Jeffrey to come on out and Jeff doesn't make us wait long. Hardy mocks the fans. Anderson then asks how many Creatures of the Night are here and that mostly gets boos. Anderson says those two fan bases are representatives of two kids dreams. He says one of those kids happened to be from Cameron, North Carolina and the other Green Bay, Wisconsin. Anderson says both those kids had a dream of going after "this" and then raises up the World Title, but he says not that belt in particular because it sucks. He says they dreamed of what it represents at least, not that ugly design. He says neither of them tend to do very well with authority figures. Anderson says when an authority figure tells Jeff how to put on his makeup, walk to the ring, or dress it doesn't go over well just like when someone tells Anderson how to talk and how to chew gum. Anderson says he tells those authority figures to kiss his butt. Anderson says no matter how many times they've been in the ring together it's never been about just them two because everyone is always running in. He says not tonight. Anderson says Kurt Angle approached him and said that he had Anderson's back and he had backup as well but he wants to be able to go back to Kurt and turn him down if they can make sure it's Anderson vs. Hardy and no one else. Hardy says Anderson talks a good game and is confident. Hardy says Anderson IS the World Champion and he was a little boy once that wanted to become a World Heavyweight Champion which he eventually did. Hardy says if Anderson or the fans think he needs Immortal to help him to beat Anderson they're wrong. Hardy says he'll prove it tonight. Hardy says they'll dedicate the match to their fans, no interference, no tricks. He then says "may the best man win" and then offers his hand to Anderson. Anderson hesitates then shakes it.

    In the back Mickie James is taping her hands and says she's never been in a Taped Fists Match but she has been in a bar fight and that never ends pretty. She says it won't end pretty for Sarita tonight either.

    More footage of Jeff and Karen with their kids and they talk about instilling the values they need. Kurt's kids call him "Daddy Jeff." They go around the table and say what they're all thankful which of course is Jeff. He wants a Talent Show from the kids and Cody responds by throwing his Jeff Jarrett figure on the floor.

    Taped Fist Match
    Sarita vs. Mickie James

    Sarita swings at Mickie but Mickie ducks and hits a Snapmare Takeover. Mickie then hits the ropes dropkicks Sarita. Mickie raises her fist up to swing at Sarita but Sarita backs off. Mickie pulls her back and then swings, but Sarita catches her arm. Sarita then swings at Mickie but Mickie blocks it and then knees Sarita in the gut. Mickie then hits a Monkey Flip but Sarita lands on her feet only to get clotheslined by Mickie. Mickie comes off the ropes and Sarita drops down at her feet. Mickie then cartwheels over Sarita and dropkicks her as Sarita got to her feet. Mickie nails Sarita with some nice body shots and then she does a split and goes for a big right but Sarita pulls the referee in front of her. Mickie stops before she swings. Sarita charges at Mickie but Mickie hits an arm drag and then she hits another armdrag followed by a Hangman's Neckbreaker. Mickie climbs up top and dives off but Sarita avoids her. Sarita then goes for a clothesline but Mickie ducks and slides out to the floor. Sarita walks over to the ropes and Mickie grabs her foot but Sarita kicks her in the head with the free leg. Sarita sets up for a Slingshot Dive but Mickie moves and Sarita catches herself and lands on the apron. Mickie then grabs Sarita's leg and pulls her down to the floor. Mickie charges at Sarita but Sarita moves and Mickie punches the ringstep. She sells it like her hand is injured. Mickie climbs up on the apron and Sarita grabs her hand and slams it into the ring post. Sarita climbs back out on the floor and starts biting Mickie's hand and then she slams it into the ring steps again! Sarita rolls Mickie into the ring and then she grabs Mickie's hand and slams it into the ring post again. Sarita rolls back into the ring and then she puts Mickie in a wristlock and then slams Mickie's hand on the mat. Sarita then Knee Drops the hand. Sarita puts her in a Hammerlock and then hits a Hammerlock Scoop Slam right onto that injured hand. She keeps teasing Mickie like she's going to punch her in the face and knock her out but stops and continues to punish her. Sarita locks Mickie in a Keylock and teases her more, but Mickie fights her off and then Snapmares Sarita, but Sarita rolls through and holds onto the Keylock all the way through! Sarita then slams the hand to the mat again and stomps on it. Sarita locks in a Wristlock and Mickie breaks it by kicking Sarita from her back on the mat. Mickie then grabs Sarita in a Headscissors and snaps off a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover. Mickie punches Sarita with the injured hand and sells it like it hurt. Sarita then grabs Mickie and hits her with a Back Suplex. Sarita slams Mickie into the corner and then beats her down. Mickie fights back with punches and kicks and then she goes for the Mickiecanrana, but Sarita blocks it and then tosses her over the top to the apron. Sarita swings at her but Mickie blocks it and then sells it like it hurt her hand to block that punch. Sarita then grabs Mickie by the hair but Mickie slaps her hand away and nails Sarita with Shoulder Blocks through the ropes and then she slides underneath Sarita's legs and then when Sarita turns around she nails Sarita with a big Left Hook. The referee checks Sarita and calls for the bell.

    Winner: Mickie James

    Mickie sells her hand as the referee tries to raise her hand saying it's hurt. Madison Rayne comes from out of the crowd in a big hoodie and attacks Mickie from behind! Madison taunts Mickie as Tenay points out that she's wearing the loaded glove.

    Bischoff talks to Jeff in the back and Jeff wants Bischoff to promise that no one interferes in their match. Jeff says he would still be the champion if Bischoff never interfered in their first match. He says that he wants NO ONE to interfere in the match and Bischoff says he gets it.

    More clips of the Jarrett family are shown. The kids dance around to Jeff's entrance theme and he keeps teasing some surprise and he says they'll find out what it is the next morning. Jarrett asks Karen to marry him again and he wants to renew their vows on Impact. She accepts.

    TNA World Heavyweight Championship
    Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

    As Anderson was doing his usual entrance Jeff Hardy came from out of nowhere and attacked him from behind! Hardy beats on Anderson on the ramp as the referee tries to pull him off. Anderson fights back and then tosses him into the ring apron. The two exchange right hands on the floor and then Hardy slams Anderson into the apron and then the guardrail. More referees run out to separate them to get control but Anderson fights through them and the two brawl again! Anderson puts Hardy in a submission on the floor but the referees pull him off. They start brawling again and finally Al Snow comes out to help separate them. Simon Diamond is also out.

    Back from the break the opening bell finally rings and the two lock up. Hardy flings Anderson into the corner but Anderson explodes out with a clothesline. Anderson punches Hardy repeatedly on the mat and then he attempts to whip Hardy into the ropes but Hardy reverses it. Anderson then comes off the ropes with a Cross Body Block! 1...2...NO Hardy kicks out! Anderson puts Hardy in a side headlock. Anderson follows up with a series of Elbow Drops for another nearfall. Anderson whips Hardy into the ropes but Hardy holds onto the ropes and then rolls out to the floor. Anderson follows him up but Hardy rolls right back into the ring. Hardy then blasts Anderson as he tries to get back in the ring. Hardy hits a nice Swinging Hanging Neckbreaker on Anderson as he was hung up in the ropes! Hardy puts the boots to Anderson and then he whips Anderson into the corner. Hardy puts the boots to Anderson again and then he grabs Anderson, but Anderson hits him with a series of rights. Anderson hits the ropes but eats a clothesline from Hardy for a nearfall of his own. Hardy follows up with another Neckbreaker, 1...2...NO Anderson kicks out again! Hardy locks Anderson in a rear chinlock but Anderson gets to his feet and fights the hold with back elbows. Anderson comes off the ropes and hits a Sunset Flip! 1...2...NO Hardy kicks out and then clotheslines Anderson! Hardy hit's a Leg Drop and then he drags Anderson to the ropes and puts his leg on the bottom rope and drops down onto the leg with a Cannonball. Hardy rolls out to the floor and he pulls Anderson by the legs to the corner and then pulls Anderson crotch-first into the ring post. Hardy rolls back into the ring and Anderson rolls out. Hardy then hits a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes onto Anderson on the floor. Hardy slams Anderson into the ring steps and then he slams Anderson into the 2nd set of ring steps. Hardy rolls Anderson back into the ring and then covers him for a nearfall. Hardy locks in another Rear Chinlock. Anderson fights it and finally gets to his feet and breaks it with back elbows. Hardy cuts him off and then tries to whip him into the corner but Anderson reverses it. Mr. Anderson charges at Hardy but eats a back elbow. Hardy then springs to the top hits the Whisper In The Wind! Both men are down now. The referee counts to 8 and both men get to their knees and start exchanging right hands. They then get to their feet and exchange more right hands. This goes on for awhile until Anderson ducks one of Hardy's punches and then nails him with a series of rights. Anderson tries to whip Hardy into the ropes but Hardy reverses it only to eat a big Running Clothesline from Anderson! Anderson follows up with back elbows and then a Back Bodydrop. He follows up with a Swinging Neckbreaker! 1...2...NO Hardy kicks out! Anderson calls for the Mic Check! Hardy blocks it with back elbows and then he goes for a clothesline but Anderson! Anderson then goes for a Big Roundhouse kick but Hardy ducks and Anderson spins around right into a Spinning Enziguri! 1...2...NO Anderson kicks out! Anderson picks Hardy up and goes for a Suplex but Hardy blocks it and then hits Front Sitout Suplex! 1...2...NO Anderson kicks out! Hardy picks Anderson up but Anderson explodes out of nowhere with the Green Bay Plunge attempt, but Hardy blocks it and then goes for the Twist of Hate! Anderson blocks it and shoves Hardy into the referee! Anderson goes for a clothesline but Hardy ducks and then hit's the Twist of Hate! No referee! Immortal runs down now and they take turns taking Anderson out. Matt Hardy hits the Side Effect on Anderson and then AJ tells Hardy to pick him up. AJ starts to punch Anderson but he stops and then holds up the Fortune sign to Hardy's face and Fortune attacks Immortal as the fans explode! AJ stands face to face with Hardy but then Hardy turns around right into a clothesline from Roode! AJ picks Hardy up and hits the Styles Clash! The rest of Fortune is beating on Immortal at ringside! Anderson rolls back in and covers Hardy as Kazarian rolls the referee back in! 1...2...3!

    Winner & STILL World Champ: Mr Anderson

    Immortal is shocked at ringside as AJ Styles stares at Mr. Anderson. AJ picks up the World Title and hands it to Mr. Anderson!

    AJ Styles has the microphone and holds up the Fortune sign and tells the fans to "throw it up." AJ tells us to look at what we have in the ring. AJ says he told Bischoff that Fortune wasn't taking a backseat to anyone and that includes Immortal! He says Bischoff brought this on himself and he says "this" (TNA) is Fortune and this is their home. AJ asks who Bischoff thought "they" were and then he says "them is us!" Eric Bischoff runs out and calls him ungrateful and that he is nothing. He says those four punks amounted to nothing before Bischoff & Hogan got to TNA. He says they weren't worth the fertilizer that Immortal will use to fertilize their grave before they got to TNA. Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, & Crimson walk out now and get in the ring with Fortune and Mr. Anderson. AJ asks what Bischoff is so pissed off about and he asks if it's because they saw through his lies and smoke and mirrors and then calls Bischoff stupid. Bischoff says he's forgotten more success than AJ's ever been a part of but AJ cuts him off and says that Bischoff put a one million dollar company out of business before. AJ says Bischoff came to TNA to try and do the same again but that won't happen. AJ says it started the minute they got to TNA and says they started spending money and hiring guys that didn't deserve to be in wrestling in the first place. Bischoff says that Jeff Hardy is more of a success on his worst day than AJ will ever be. AJ says that the men in the ring are the guys that built TNA but Bischoff says they were nothing before Hogan & Bischoff got to TNA and they won't be anything unless they're associated with Immortal. Bischoff tells AJ to mark March 3rd on his calendar that the decision will be handed down and Hogan will get control of the company and Immortal will hang him and everyone in the ring with him out to dry. AJ asks how that will happen when Fortune takes apart Immortal piece by piece!

    Fortune stands in the ring and holds up the Fortune symbol as Immortal still look on shocked.

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    TNA failed on a whole different level tonight


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      Yep it first started when Eric Bischoff mentioned Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Sting in the opening segment. The only good thing about Impact last night was that they turned A.J. Styles face again.


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        Originally posted by key2win View Post
        Yep it first started when Eric Bischoff mentioned Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Sting in the opening segment. The only good thing about Impact last night was that they turned A.J. Styles face again.
        I wonder if they realize when they mention Nash/Booker T/Sting, if people didn't know they left to go to WWE, they'll go check and start watching WWE if those were their favorites..

        I don't get turning Fortune face for the exact same reason they turned them heel, makes NO sense..oh well


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          The only thing that makes sense is that Fourtune (A.J. Styles, Frankie Kazarian, Robert Roode, and James Storm) have all be in TNA since day one. They are basically the only TNA Originals left. It makes sense for them to protect TNA from Hogan/Bischoff and company.


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            Originally posted by key2win View Post
            The only thing that makes sense is that Fourtune (A.J. Styles, Frankie Kazarian, Robert Roode, and James Storm) have all be in TNA since day one. They are basically the only TNA Originals left. It makes sense for them to protect TNA from Hogan/Bischoff and company.
            Then why join in the first place?


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              They will probably say it was all Flair's idea and break off from him too leaving him in Immortal.