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Dale Earnhardt Sr - Tribute Thread

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  • Dale Earnhardt Sr - Tribute Thread

    On the 18th of February, The NASCAR community will wake up and commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the passing of one of NASCAR's most beloved and hated drivers.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    I am starting this thread so that everyone on Card Collectors World can share their views (love or hatred) for one of the best, if not the best!, drivers that NASCAR has ever seen.

    Back in the early part of February 2001, my older sister and brother-in-law invited me over on a Sunday for supper. They told me to come over early because they were going to have the race on.

    Growing up, I was NEVER a fan of NASCAR. I had heard of racing, but comeon, baseball, football and hockey those were sports right? What was so exciting about cars going around in a circle?

    The date was February 18th. My first NASCAR race, the last for Dale Sr.

    Rest In Peace Dale.

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    The Intimidator was one of two guys I loved to watch. The other was Rusty Wallace. It was only fitting they were good friends. A lot of people don't know that the two of them also raced off the track. They both have pilots licences, and often would race each other in the air on the way to the next track, so I was told. Not side by side, but from wherever they were to the next destination. I'd love for Rusty to verify this someday on air.

    Anyways, I remember the last race like it was yesterday. My Dad's birthday was on the 19th, and we decided to take him out for dinner, but after the race, of course. I saw the crash, and all that, but we left for dinner pretty much as soon as the race was over. I had no idea he was gone. I found out at the restaurant on one of the TV's they had playing. I was so sick in my stomach. It still bothers me to this day 10 years later, and if you notice, I still have a small tribute to him in my avatar. The #3 will live forever in our minds, and in our hearts. I also usually put up a Dale signature during the month of February every year. That reminds me.


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      Dale will always Be Missed I used to Love watch Dale Race Its just not the same anyone Rest in Peace Buddy Its been 10 Years already WOW.

      Go Dale jr
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