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UFC Buys Strikeforce!!!

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  • UFC Buys Strikeforce!!!

    In breaking news today, UFC has purchased Strikeforce. Dana White has said Strikeforce will still operate under its own promotion. Im sure everyone knows within 2 years it will all be one brand. Click on the link below to read more.

    Game Changer: Zuffa and UFC Purchase Strikeforce

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    this was suppose to happen a few months ago....
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      When UFC bought Pride years ago, Dana White said it will run as a separate promotion and it never did. I think because all fighters are still under their current Strikeforce contract, he wants those contracts to be fulfilled first before folding the promotion and merging it into UFC. The Women's Division may become the 8th weight class/division for the UFC.

      I think Dana wants it this way because he does not like Fedor, Josh Barnett, Dan Henderson, Paul Daley, Andrei Arlovski, and Frank Shamrock. He doesnt want any of them ever to be affiliated with the UFC again. So after their contract ends, he can just sign the other fighters to the UFC and cut his losses.