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WWE Raw Results - 4/11/11

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  • key2win
    I have a feeling that was originally suppose to be John Morrison's spot, but after the whole Wrestlemania fiasco with Trish Stratus & Melina, they ended up going with R-Truth as a way to punish Morrison. They have never given Christian a title match, yet they are giving it to R-Truth?

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  • jsab4807
    I'd rather be forced to watch the worst Divas match in the history of the company than have to watch that worthless bum R-Truth in a title match.

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  • chittychitty844
    R-Truth? Really? Seriously?
    Yes, Edge floored me tonight with the retirement. Everything else seemed same old stuff, and some of it not even done very well. But you already know that...

    I would like to see Miz commentate more, he was funny and made some stale matchups at the end, actually bearable. Thanks Miz, and please dump Riley and punch cole the a-hole.

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  • key2win
    started a topic WWE Raw Results - 4/11/11

    WWE Raw Results - 4/11/11

    WWE Raw Results
    April 11th, 2011

    John Cena's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Cena talks about the match against The Rock at WrestleMania 28 and calls it Icon vs. Icon and Generation vs. Generation. Cena says the match will be for the WWE Title which brings him to tonight. Cena wants a piece of The Miz tonight and wants the WWE Title back. Out of nowhere Randy Orton's music hits and out he comes to the ring.

    Orton says that someone who won at WrestleMania deserves the WWE Title shot and he wants to be the #1 contender. John Morrison's music hits next and he also wants a shot. Morrison says we've seen this show before but now he is involved. Vickie Guerrero appears with Dolph Ziggler on the stage and asks for everyone to excuse her. They walk down to the ring also. Vickie says Dolph should be the next #1 contender. He says he's the most talented in the ring right now and didn't come here to waste time with Snooki. Dolph says the line starts with him. He says once he's champion, everyone will get a shot at him. R-Truth's music hits next and out he comes.

    Truth says he has never received a title shot on any show and that's what's up. They start to argue and the e-mail alert goes off. Michael Cole reads the GM's e-mail on an iPad in his cubicle. It's announced that they all will get a chance to earn a title shot. A new five-man gauntlet match is announced. Two stars chosen at random start, the winner of that faces the next Superstar and this continues until all of them have competed. The last man there becomes the #1 contender and faces The Miz at Extreme Rules.

    A vignette airs for Awesome Kong.

    WWE Divas Title Match
    Brie Bella vs. Eve Torres

    The bell rings and Eve pulls out a marker. She wants the referee to write on one of the Bella's hands so they can tell them apart in case they try to do the switch. Brie strikes first as we get ready to go. Brie works Eve over and takes it to the corner, beating her down. Eve makes a comeback and hits her moonsault for a 2 count. Eve gets wrapped up and the ref is distracted. The Bellas do the bait and switch. The referee makes Nikki leave the ring. This distracts everyone again and Brie comes up and hits her finisher on Eve for the win and the Divas Title.

    Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Brie Bella

    Back from commercial and Eve is backstage looking down. Gail Kim walks up and says she's sorry. Eve brushes her off and says we all know how the Divas locker room is. Natalya walks up and Eve doesn't want to hear it. She says all Divas are alike. Eve walks off. Tamina walks in and gives Gail and Natalya a nasty look before walking off.

    Sin Cara vs. Primo Colon

    The bell rings and they lock up. Back and forth. Cara tosses Primo across the ring. Primo puts his hand in Cara's face and gets kicked. Primo comes back with offense on Cara, knocking him around the ring. Cara comes back and hits a series of moves, kicking Primo out to the floor. Cara flies over the top rope with a quick hurricanrana on Primo. Cara brings it back in the ring. Cara takes too long and Primo knocks him to the floor. They come back in the ring and Primo takes control now. Primo takes it to the mat with a submission. Primo with a big chop in the corner. He charges but Cara moves. Cara comes back with big chops of his own. Cara bounces off the second rope with another hurricanrana. Another takedown by Cara. Primo comes out of the corner with a blow to the gut. Primo goes for a powerbomb but Cara rolls him up for 2.

    More back and forth action. Primo goes up top but Cara kicks him in the head. Cara goes up top also but gets knocked out to the floor off a Primo counter. Cara runs back in the ring and goes back up top with Primo. Cara hits his top rope finisher through the air for the pin and the win.

    Winner: Sin Cara

    We go to the ring now and The Corre is in the ring. WWE IC Champion Wade Barrett says they decided to do the attack last week after Cena and Rock decided they would make history. Barrett says it wasn't is fault that this attack didn't go as planned. Barrett says he used to see The Corre as equals but not anymore. Justin Gabriel snatches the mic from Barrett and says it's been his 450 that has taken out so many people. Gabriel says he is the most talented in the ring right now. Heath Slater speaks up and says he and Gabriel are the WWE Tag Team Champions and nobody can take that. Ezekiel Jackson steps up in Barrett's face. He says he gave them credibility by slamming Big Show and is the most dominant person Barrett has met. Santino Marella's music hits and out he comes to the stage with Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry. Santino says if they are The Corre, he is presenting The Apple. Santino challenges The Corre to a fight in the name of Vladimir Kozlov.

    The Corre vs. Santino Marella, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, and Daniel Bryan

    Slater and Gabriel work over Bryan. Gabriel comes in and gets a 2 count. Ezekiel comes in and beats Bryan up. Big elbow drop from Zeke for a 2 count. Barrett comes in and kicks Bryan while Zeke holds him. More double teaming in the corner by Barrett and Slater, who is tagged in. Gabriel comes right in with a top rope splash for a 2 count. And another tag by The Corre as Slater comes back in and applies a headlock.

    Bryan turns things around on Slater with a big dropkick. He tags in Santino. Santino comes in with right hands and an atomic drop on Slater. He clotheslines Gabriel off the apron and hits a big hip toss on Slater. Headbutt by Santino for a 2 count. Barrett and Zeke come in but Bourne and Henry take them out. Bryan dives through the ropes and lands on Barrett. Santino calls for the Cobra but gets hit from behind by Gabriel. Slater takes advantage and drops Santino for the pin and the win.

    Winners: The Corre

    After the match, Gabriel and Slater applaud each other and start to argue with Barrett.

    Jerry Lawler will face Jack Swagger tonight. If Lawler wins, he gets to face Michael Cole at Extreme Rules in a match of his choice. If Swagger wins, Cole gets to retire undefeated. Jim Ross' music hits and out he comes to be in Lawler's corner. As Ross is coming out, Cole starts ripping him on the microphone. Ross tries getting into Cole's cubicle. Ross slaps Cole over the top of it and starts shaking the walls. Jack Swagger runs down but Lawler ducks him. Lawler and Swagger fight at ringside as officials break them up. Another official is trying to hold JR back from getting in Cole's cube as we go to commercial.

    Jerry Lawler vs. Jack Swagger

    Lawler locks up with Swagger. Swagger takes it to the ropes and backdrops Lawler. Cole is at ringside now, cheering on Swagger and talking trash to Ross and Lawler. JR is also at ringside, cheering on Lawler. Lawler ducks a shot from Swagger and hits a right hand. Lawler mocks Swagger's jog around the ring. Swagger comes back and works Lawler over in the corner with kicks and punches. Swagger with a headlock now.

    Lawler comes back and hits Swagger with a backdrop. Swagger ends up applying the ankle lock but Lawler makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Swagger starts stomping on Lawler's leg now. Swagger with a 2 count. A wristlock by Swagger now. Swagger takes it back to the corner. He slams Lawler's head into the turnbuckles but it doesn't phase him. Lawler comes back but Swagger kicks him in the gut and goes for a big running slam. Lawler slides out and dropkicks Swagger face first into the corner.

    Cole gets on the apron and distracts Lawler. Swagger comes up and drops Lawler. Ross comes over and takes out Cole. Swagger is distracted now. Lawler takes advantage and gets the win.

    Winner: Jerry Lawler

    After the match, JR celebrates at ringside with Lawler as Cole walks around looking worried. Cole vs. Lawler is now official for Extreme Rules. Cole and Swagger start arguing in the ring. They get into it and Cole slaps Swagger. Lawler announces that the Extreme Rules will be a tag team match with Lawler and Ross taking on Cole and Swagger.

    We see Edge backstage talking to John Cena. They shake hands as Edge walks off to the ring and they tease his retirement.

    Back from commercial, World Heavyweight Champion Edge makes his way out to the ring. Edge asks the fans to be patient with him as he's probably going to ramble. He says people think WWE doesn't hurt but that's not true. He says every superstar knows that's not the case. He says he broke his neck 8 years ago and talks about the surgery to fix him. He says he knew he has been wrestling on borrowed time. He says he's been in a lot of pain lately and has been losing feeling in his arms.

    Edge says he made it through WrestleMania but WWE wanted him to get more tests done. He says the MRI results say that he needs to retire. Edge says thankfully the doctors found out whatever they did because he won't end up in a wheelchair now. He says this is harder than he thought it would be and starts getting emotional. Edge says he feels like he's let people down and talks about Christian. He says he was upset that is career isn't ending on his own terms but Christian reminded him that his whole career has been on his own terms. Edge talks about being a big WWE fan like everyone else. Edge says winning his last match at WrestleMania and retiring as World Champion couldn't be a better way to go out.

    Edge says he feels like he's grown up in front of the WWE fans and mentions being in The Brood, being with Christian and other stages in his WWE career. Edge says he hopes he has earned the fans respect. He's tried to give everything he had each night. He says the fans gave it right back to him. Edge says he is going to miss everything. He says he's going to eat a bunch of ice cream tonight and doesn't have to wear tights tomorrow. Edge says if he had the chance, he would do it all over again. Edge thanks the fans one last time and drops the mic. Everyone stands and applauds him. Edge exits the ring and stops on the ramp, posing for the fans. His music finally hits as he walks off and we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and we see during the commercial Edge walking backstage and being applauded by the WWE roster. Edge hugs and applauds everybody.

    Contender's Gauntlet Match: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. John Cena

    We go to the ring and out comes Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler to start the match. WWE Champion The Miz joins commentary. Dolph and Orton go back and forth. Ziggler takes control until Orton comes back with a powerslam and the second-rope DDT. Orton hits the mat and gets ready. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty appear on the apron. Ziggler takes advantage and eliminates Orton from the match. Mason Ryan comes down and the three Nexus members beat Orton down in the ring. Ryan lays Orton down with a big powerbomb as Otunga and McGillicutty talk trash.

    Back from the break and it's Ziggler going at it with R-Truth. Ziggler with elbow drops and most of the offense. More back and forth action as Vickie cheers on Dolph from ringside. Ziggler drops Truth again for another 2 count. Truth finally gets the upperhand and eliminates Ziggler. Out next comes John Morrison.

    Back from the break and Truth is going at it with Morrison, trading pinfall attempts and roll-ups. They shake hands and Morrison rolls Truth up. Truth comes back with a kick and gets dropped on his face by Morrison. Morrison with a headlock now. Morrison and Truth both end up on the floor and come back in the ring at the 9 count. Morrison with a series of clotheslines and a 2 count. Morrison ends up going for Starship Pain and missing. Truth takes advantage and gets the pin. Morrison is eliminated. John Cena is out next to a big pop as we go to commercial.

    Back from the break and Cena goes at it with Truth. Cena with a dropkick and a 2 count. Cena with a suplex and another 2 count. Cena scoops Truth for a big side slam and gets another close 2 count. Cena continues to overpower Truth and hits another suplex for a 2 count. Cena hits the leg drop from the top rope but Truth still kicks out.

    Truth hits Cena with a big right hand but they both go down. Truth with clotheslines now and a big hip toss. Truth with a spinning forearm and a 2 count. Truth charges but Cena pushes him off. Cena with two shoulder blocks and a big back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle now and tells Miz he can't see him. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment but Miz and Alex Riley rush the ring. Miz and Riley beat Truth and Cena down as the referee calls for the bell.

    Double DQ

    After the match, The Miz takes the match and says everyone can go to the end of the line because there is no #1 contender. The lights go down and we have an announcement from the RAW GM. Jerry Lawler steps up to the podium this time. It's announced that there are now 2 #1 contenders for the WWE Title. It will be The Miz defending against R-Truth and John Cena in a Triple Threat. Truth and Cena come back to take out Riley and Miz. Cena and Truth shake hands then pat each other on the back. Truth pats Cena on the back hard which causes Cena to shove him. Truth leaves the ring looking at Cena to end Raw.