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Your 5 Most Unpredictable Moments In Wrestling

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  • Your 5 Most Unpredictable Moments In Wrestling

    Chittychitty844 came up with this idea on one of his posts. I thought it would make a good discussion thread. Name your 5 most unpredictable moments in wrestling.

    I will name by top 5. I have been watching wrestling since 1995, so Im only going to post what I have seen on television. Also in the mid 90's since the internet back then wasnt what it is now, there were no rumor mills out there to read up on this stuff.

    1. Stone Cold turns heel on The Rock at Wrestlemania 17 and sides with Vince McMahon.

    2. Kevn Nash and Scott Hall show up on WCW Nitro after leaving WWF in 1996.

    3. Eric Bischoff shows up as General Manager of Raw in 2002.

    4. Bret Hart gets screwed out of WWF Title at Survivor Series 1997.

    5. Kurt Angle leaves WWE and his TNA promo is shown less than 1 month later at the end of the No Surrender 2006 PPV.

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    1. Miz wins MiTB/WWE championship- Totally a bias pick here, but really, its the evolution of the Miz here. Nobody really thought he'd win the MiTB match, most figured Orton would win even though he didnt need to win it. Then the Drake reference after the match was a winning moment. Fast forward some months later, I remember I told a buddy before the first 30 seconds the show started "Dude, Miz is gonna use the MiTB contract" No spoilers to figure it out, I just knew it..

    Then when I thought Barrett was gonna win the title, my hopes got shattered, but Cena stops it, and Miz comes out and cash's it..I had never been as anxious as I was in quite some time, really thought SuperOrton was gonna bury Miz here with the bad knee and all..but Miz pulls it off, and it was a great wrestling moment. People may not like the Miz, but he's gonna be a HUGE star for WWE for years to come, and I can't wait for it..The kid went from the Real World to WWE champion winning the main event at Wrestlemania, just amazing what hard work can do.

    2. Vince McMahon buys WCW. Seriously who ever saw that coming? The reported price was $1,000,000 which when you think about it, was dirt cheap..I remember during the Alliance vs WWE angle I thought it was great, being like 10 years old or so, I thought it was awesome..from reading on the internet, most people disagree, doesn't take away the shock value that took place in the entire angle.

    1. The Rock returns to the WWE in 2011. I know it might not be the most unpredictable, but after 7 years, I think most doubted he'd ever come back. Not only did Rock boost the ratings a good amount, but he showed how bad alot of the talent is. He showed how to work a crowd on the mic, and make the most of the time you get on the show. Then we get Rock vs Cena at Wrestlemania 28, just knowing this already, i'm probably gonna buy the PPV unless prices go higher than they already are..I didn't appriciate Rock much when I saw him every week, but after 7 years, he showed how great he really was.

    4. The birth of the NWO- I obviously can't remember watching this, put started one of the greatest ERA's of Wrestling we saw.

    5. The birth of Nexus, in 2011 its hard enough to get people to really enjoy an angle or storyline, but the fact NOBODY saw this coming was even better, of course now its awful, but gets on my list because the shock value,
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      I cant believe I forgot to add Vince buying WCW to my list. That would actually be my #3.


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        So I have been really thinking about this and my apologies as some of these may not be exactly what we were looking for, but I am listing the ones that came out of left field for me.

        May 23, 1999 Owen Hart Dies and Chris Benoit Death- Both tragic for different reasons, but left me shaking my head.

        David Arquett winning the WCW title- OK, so maybe everyone else knew it would happen but I did not. How did Russo think it was a good idea to do this? Seems to me that letting Arquette win the title was a great way to slap every wrestler that has ever busted themselves up on the way into wrestling. Oh, and flip off the fans at the same time also. What an INSULT!!!

        McMahon buying WCW- Already been said. Who saw this coming? Huge Shock, but in the end was it really worth it? Don't really know.

        The Rock Returns in 2011- I watched and watched and was absolutely floored he actually came back. I would have bet the house that would never have happened. I think my brother cried.

        The Montreal Screwjob- What a mess. I could say more, but Hart said it all when he spit in Vince's face

        I know it is 5 but an honorable mention...

        Sid Vicious from the top rope and snaps his leg in half. Saw, don't EVER want to see that again. Wow, that had to hurt.