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2012 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

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  • 2012 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees

    Today they announced the first inductees into the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. As WWE announces more names, I will update this thread.

    Edge - I am actually surprised they didnt save him for 2013 in Canada. I would have thought The Rock would be the main headliner this year. Edge had a great career that was unfortunately cut short due to injuries. He was one of my favorite wrestlers and played both the face and heel role well.

    The Four Horsemen - One of the greatest wrestling stables ever assembled. The group started out in the NWA/WCW and has had many members. The five inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame will be Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and J.J. Dillon. I am curious how they are going to do this with Ric Flair contracted to TNA. Ole Anderson is noticeably absent as he has issues with Vince McMahon.

    Mil Mascaras - A Lucha Libre legend that has never been unmasked. He is the uncle of Alberto Del Rio.

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    VERY suprised that EDGE is getign in this year... I thought maybe the WWE would wait until next year or the next year when Wrestlemania goes back to Toronto....

    4 Horsemen is a no brainer, BUT it's sad that Arn Anderson wasn't in already on his own...

    Macho Man getting in would be AMAZING.... I hope the WWE honors him with an induction


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      Does anyone have a list or link of people who are already in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?
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        4 horsemen and Ric Flair won't even be there....
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          The rest of the 4 Horsemen will be present. I doubt Flair will be there, unless his TNA contract is up before that time.


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            Saw this online. Interesting that TNA would allow this. I wonder if they even know Flair said this. LOL!

            Ric Flair told fans during an autograph appearance Thursday at a Walmart in Burlington, North Carolina that he will be "on stage" for WWE's Hall of Fame induction ceremony WrestleMania weekend (March 31, 2012). Flair, who is under contract to TNA Wrestling, was advertised by WWE this week as one of the Four Horsemen to be inducted at the ceremony.


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              Surprise the hell outta me that Flair would be there. This should be the year for the Jake the Snake, cmon.
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                  They have a list on the WWE site:

                  WWE "Hall of Fame Inductees"

                  Originally posted by ucffans View Post
                  Does anyone have a list or link of people who are already in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?
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                    Latest HOF Inductee.

                    Mike Tyson - Boxing great who played a huge role in the Steve Austin Vs Shawn Michaels Main Event at Wrestlemania 14. Out of all the WWE HOF celebrities, at least Tyson showed up several times on Raw and joined D-X before betraying them to help Austin win his first WWF Title.


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                      Latest HOF Inductee.

                      Ron Simmons - Better known in the WWE as Faarooq of the Acolytes Protection Agency. He was the first African American WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He moved on to WWF to form the Nation of Domination before succesfully forming a tag team with John Bradshaw Layfield.


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                        Latest and probably last HOF inductee for this year.

                        Yokuzuna - Two time WWF Champion, two time WWF Tag Team Champion with the great Owen Hart, and the 1993 Royal Rumble Winner.


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                          Yokozuna was a beast!! Every time I seen him splash down on somebody's chest I cringed..
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                              Tyson? Wow! Yokozuna was pretty funny.
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