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Fedor Emelianenko Retires From MMA

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  • Fedor Emelianenko Retires From MMA

    Fedor Emelianenko Officially Retires; No “Fantastic Offers” to Tempt Him

    Fedor hasnt fought any relevant in over 6 years aside from Dan Henderson. He has been a joke since then. He was afraid to fight in the UFC after they offered him millions of dollars per bout. His fights in Pride were legendary, especially against Mirko Cro Cop and Antonio Nogueira. He fought a bunch of has beens and can openers after Pride shut down. He lost 3 straight against Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva, and Dan Henderson before Strikeforce cut him. His won his last 3 bouts against a bunch of has beens and then retires from MMA. Some people regard him as the greatest MMA fighter ever. Maybe in Pride up until 2005 he could have been in that conversation, but he never wanted to go against top competition in the UFC to prove it. His statement no fantastic offers tempt him is a complete joke. He is just scared that the top 5 UFC Heavyweights would knock the crap out of him.