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John Cena Sets Record 300th Make A Wish Request

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  • John Cena Sets Record 300th Make A Wish Request

    John Cena, WWE star, grants a record 300th request for Make-A-Wish - Yahoo! Sports

    As much as fans hate John Cena, you have to give him props for this. Some athletes do this a few times a year. It seems John Cena does this a lot more than others. Its a nice gesture knowing that some athletes can spend a few hours of their day to help make a sick child's day and give them a smile.

    There are always plenty of candidates for top sports celebrity bad guy: LeBron, Tiger, T.O., Roger Clemens, and on and on.

    But what about top sports good guy? Those names don't come to mind quite as easily. Even beloved athletes such as Tim Tebow and Derek Jeter have detractors.

    But by one important measure, there is a runaway favorite.

    John Cena.

    The pro wrestling superstar granted his 300th Make-A-Wish request to a 7-year-old Pennsylvania boy named Jonny Littman earlier this week. That's far and away tops among sports celebrities.

    (Pause here for those who don't think pro wrestling is a sport. It's not. But tell that to a sick child. And, by the way, throwing a 250-pound man across a ring 300 nights a year constitutes athleticism of some sort.)

    Only a few other sports stars have granted more than 200 wishes, including Hulk Hogan, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Michael Jordan is in the 200 neighborhood and Kobe Bryant has granted more than 100. (More than 50 wishes will be granted at the London Olympics.) Cena raced past 300 and he fully intends on getting to 1,000.

    How popular is Cena with Make-A-Wish? There's a conference room dedicated to him at the company headquarters in Arizona.

    "Overall, I get 100-140 WWE wish requests a year," said Shaina Reeser, sports program manager at Make-A-Wish, "and the majority is for John Cena. He probably does two or three kids every week. It's crazy."

    Cena never says no. Even though his schedule is tougher than most stars – there are no home games and there's no off-season – he unfailingly builds in time for Wish kids. WWE rep Kevin Hennessey even says Cena's 300th wish was so important that his bosses rearranged his entire schedule for it.

    It's not that other athletes are cold-hearted. Pretty much everyone says yes to Make-A-Wish every time. (In fact, LeBron, Tiger, T.O. and Clemens have all done over-the-top wishes for kids across the country.) But sometimes schedules conflict or an athlete can't be in the area where his wish kid lives. And, sadly, because of illness and the course of treatment, wish kids don't always have a lot of time to wait for their favorite athletes to become free. One of the big myths about Make-A-Wish is that children pass away from their illnesses; many make a full recovery. The only requirement for a wish kid is a life-threatening condition. But that usually entails severe hardship not only physically but financially. Families spend so much on care and medical bills that they can't afford over-the-top presents. That's where Make-A-Wish comes in. And that's where celebs like John Cena come through.

    "He has been a big supporter of us forever," said Make-A-Wish national communications manager Mark Hiegel. "By this time next year, he'll have 400."

    And while some heroes do a simple meet-and-greet, Cena turns the Wish into an experience. He usually invites the child to Monday Night Raw, where he takes the entire family backstage, gives them all signed memorabilia and introduces them to other WWE stars. That's what he did for Jonny Littman on Monday in New York. But then Cena followed up with a surprise visit the next day on Good Morning America.

    That's by far the best part of the Make-A-Wish day – the surprise. Kids sometimes get shy and sometimes beam for hours, but they all forget for a while about the next hospital visit or the next round of chemo.

    "He gets the kids out of their shells," Reeser said of Cena. "He's every good at asking questions, pulling information out of them. There's always a huge smile and their eyes light up. The more outgoing kids will say Cena's phrase, which is 'You can't see me.' "

    But that's just it. A sick kid can see Cena. He makes sure of it.

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    Have to give Cena a BIG and some respect for doing all that..
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      Great story, thanks for posting. Wish more people were as generous with their time as him.


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        Too bad he wasn't as nice to his wife
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          Originally posted by gladdyontherise View Post
          Too bad he wasn't as nice to his wife
          Yep! Lol!!
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            I read some concerning Cena and what the wife is saying and about what some guy named Ryan Drew (who?)posted on twitter.

            My question is.

            How can it be an 'extramarital affair" if it happened before they were married?

            And I am sure a wife would never lie to try and get out of the prenup? lol
            Still collecting Frank Thomas in any uni and HoFer G/U & Auto's.

            I do not trade nor buy at "eBay values", unless a card is so rare that it is unlisted.


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              Funny how the top 4 are people who are in typically "REDNECK" sports (wrestling and Nascar). The fans are loyal and so are the stars!
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