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WWE Money In The Bank Results - Cena Wins What Else Is New

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  • WWE Money In The Bank Results - Cena Wins What Else Is New

    Here are the quick results.

    Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Defeated Hunico & Camacho
    Dolph Ziggler Defeated Damien Sandow, Santino Marella, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Tensai, Tyson Kidd, & Sin Cara To Win MITB World Heavyweight Title Shot
    Sheamus Defeated Alberto Del Rio To Retain World Heavyweight Title
    The Colons Defeated The Prime Time Players
    CM Punk Defeated Daniel Bryan To Retain WWE Title
    Ryback Defeated Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks
    Layla, Kaitlyn, & Tamina Defeated Beth Phoenix, Natalya, & Eve Torres
    John Cena Defeated The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Kane, & The Miz To Win MITB WWE Title Shot

    This PPV card sounded horrible again. The only match that sounded good from reading the results was the Punk Vs Bryan match. Too bad AJ didnt turn on someone which probably means Punk & Bryan have one more match at Summerslam. Out of the 8 matches, 4 of them was thrown together at the last minute today. Bad booking like always. LOL! And this is crap that John Cena main events again and wins yet again. What crap!

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    Money in the Bank

    Did anyone else think that it was an odd ending how John Cena ended up with the briefcase. I was wondering if he was really supposed to end up with it the way that it broke off instead of the typical way of unsnapping it.

    It was the first PPV I ever bought (each of my boys had a friend spend the night and watch it). I think it was pretty entertaining.

    I am a little confused on why the tag team champions defended their match in the free preview and the one during the PPV actually had the number one contenders losing their tag team match to a lesser seeded opponent.

    Time for Ryback to have a feud and regular opponent. I think a feud with him and Mark Henry could be entertaining.
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      I Like the outcome I think Cena finally had to earn his title shot...
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        Cena Sucks!!! LOL!

        WWE tends to not care about any other title except the WWE Title, World Heavweight Title, and IC Title. The US Title, Tag Team Titles, and Divas Title are treated like WCW Titles. LOL!

        Ryback Vs Mark Henry, Brodus Clay, Kane, or The Big Show would be decent.


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          It was a good show besides the end where Miz should've won


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            Cenna better cash in and lose....otherwise, I see ZERO point to him winning MiTB.

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