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Adrien Broner remains perfect

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  • Adrien Broner remains perfect

    This kid is something else.. loses his belt on Friday due to weighing in 3 pounds over the required fight weight.. then goes out Saturday night and dominates a top contender!

    CINCINNATI -- Adrien Broner was stripped of his WBO junior lightweight title on Friday when he weighed in more than three pounds overweight.

    But after his fifth-round technical knockout of Vicente Escobedo on Saturday night, Broner promised there would be many more title chances as he moves up to the 135-pound class.

    "I'm going out of my weight class, and I'll take on anyone," said Broner moments after his TKO of the top-ranked WBO contender at 2:32 of the fifth.

    "Vicente is a world-class fighter. I can't take anything away from him. But he didn't hit me with anything significant. I make all my work easy."
    Adrien Broner defeats Vincente Escobedo in WBO bout - ESPN
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