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WWE Raw 8/20/12 - Brock & Y2J Leaving

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  • WWE Raw 8/20/12 - Brock & Y2J Leaving

    Well none of these are seen as surprises.

    Brock said he is leaving WWE again. Obviously this is part of storyline as he is going to have a rematch again with Triple H either at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. He has so many dates on his contract per year, so this way he will be away for several weeks at a time.

    Jericho lost a rematch against Ziggler tonight. It was contract termination against MITB contract. Jericho is leaving again for the third time, in which he will be back probably within 6-9 months.

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    I want Jericho back!
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      Jericho and his band.. Seems he likes that better then wrestling, but the money is in wrestling for him...
      Looking for all things Kyle Busch, Kurt will do aswell